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How Informational Interviews Can Turn Into Job Opportunities

Use this simple job strategy to go for it! We’ve all heard of someone getting a job that wasn’t posted or that we didn’t even know existed. What we don’t always hear is how. Sports is a unique industry in the sense that jobs are posted year round with an influx at the start of every big season. Teams need seasonal interns and associates. Brands and other companies need summer, winter and spring interns. There are plenty of opportunities out there; […]

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Informational Interviews: How to Start the Conversation

By: Jake Kelfer, @jakekelfer What is the purpose of an informational interview? The goal of every informational interview is to get information. It can be information about a person, a job, a company, an industry or whatever you want it to be about. Along with getting information, it is your job to turn the information you receive into the foundation of a mutually benefiting relationship. So let’s break it down. What questions should you be asking in your informational interview? […]

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The Other Side of the Informational Interview

At one point in our career, we become the person answering the questions we once asked. We spend a lot of time early in our careers seeking advice from industry veterans. From asking about their career path to resume tips, informational interviews have become a key part to getting ahead in a competitive industry. But sooner or later, before you realize it, you become the subject of an informational interview. College students reach out to you wanting to hear about your […]

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3 Ways to Ask for an Informational Interview

This article is powered by the SMU Sport Management Program. By: Jake Kelfer, @jakekelfer One of the most difficult things college students and young adults struggle with is asking for an informational interview. While many people are scared/nervous to do informational interviews for a plethora of reasons, informational interviews are one of the best ways to expand your network, get hired, or switch professions. The key is to remember that people love talking about themselves, so when you reach out […]

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