Another Offer

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  • MLB owners give players a 76-game proposal, but 48 games seems likelier.

MLB owners provided players with a new proposal Monday after a weekend that left fans wondering if there would be baseball in 2020. The new plan includes a 76-game regular season with up to 16 playoff teams. Players would make approximately 75% of their previously agreed-upon prorated salaries if the postseason is completed. 

The new offer comes a week after the owners denied the latest proposal from players. To fit the schedule in, players would need to agree to the new proposal by Wednesday. A 48-game season is an option if it isn’t agreed upon in time, which ESPN said seems likely

New 76-Game Proposal Details: 

  • Regular season ending no later than Sept. 27. 
  • 50% of players prorated salary guaranteed during the regular season.
  • Postseason with up to 16 teams.
  • Elimination of free-agent compensation.
  • $2.75 billion estimated revenue under the new plan, down from $9.73 billion last year.
  • $1.43 billion in guaranteed player compensation – $989 million in the regular season and $443 million in playoffs.