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What We Can Learn from the Tennessee Head Football Coach Search

A tumultuous couple of weeks has left behind lessons for a lifetime. The University of Tennessee Campus Student Union Bridge. (Photo via AMY SMOTHERMAN BURGESS/NEWS SENTINEL) The events surrounding the head coaching search at the University of Tennessee serve as a great learning experience for fans, aspiring sport business professionals, and especially for intercollegiate athletic administration personnel. In no way shape or form should this serve as a Vols bash session, but it can definitely serve as a teachable moment […]

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Three Tips for Delivering a Powerful Presentation

Whether you like it or not, public speaking will play a role in your professional development. Being prepared can help you in multiple different ways. (Image via The Next Web) The ability to captivate an audience and deliver good content is extremely valuable for any professional. If you have a presentation coming up soon, here are three tips you can use to make sure you are prepared. 1. Focus on your Audience. Remember that your audience comes first. Make sure that […]

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Beyond Football: Kelvin Beachum’s Quest for More

When it comes to a legacy, Beachum Jr. wants to be remembered for more than what he did on the gridiron. Beachum has many interests outside of football. (Photo by Eugene Lee / World Vision) For most athletes, the realization of playing at the highest level in their respective sport is enough to satisfy them. That level of success is the culmination of hard work, sacrifice and commitment to their craft. Once they make it, they do everything to keep it. […]

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Five Reasons You Should Attend Emerging AD

The conference takes place July 9–11th near Atlanta, GA. Emerging Administrators Academy aims to develop our next leaders in college sport. With an emphasis on the division 2, division 3 and the NAIA level, it has a unique blend of athletic administrators, including from the division 1 level, sharing best practices and resources of senior level administrators. As a participant, you will have access to some of the best administrators in the country, who are committed to the development of the […]

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Five Reasons Why You Should Attend ALSD 2017

The conference takes place July 10 -13th in Miami, FL ALSD 2017 is one of the premier conferences and trade shows for premium seating specialists and venues throughout the country. The sport and entertainment industry has used clubs, suites and luxury seating to provide an innovative incentive for consumers and an additional asset for organizations. With 27 years of existence, ALSD continues to grow, and here are five reasons why you should attend ALSD 2017. 1. Three separate conferences all in […]

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NSF Case Cup 2017, 11 years down and many more to go

The Case Cup aims to develop students who are fresh into their professional sport and entertainment careers. Students and faculty advisors from 8 universities participated in the 2017 NSF Case Cup Competition. When speaking about the National Sports Forum, University of Oregon student Danielle Barbian explains the organization in one word: “family.” “It’s hard to go to conferences as a newcomer because you don’t know anybody, but you can tell the NSF really cares about the people who come and […]

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