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Shot Callers: Deirdre Lester, CRO, Barstool Sports

Barstool Sports have grown significantly in revenue generation in the last several years thanks in part to a series of unique brand partnerships and the efforts of Chief Revenue Officer Deirdre Lester. Lester joins FOS Editor Ian Thomas in the latest episode of Shot Callers to discuss her time with Barstool Sports and the company’s approach to brand partnerships. Edited highlights appear below: On the growth of Barstool’s events side (1:54) Lester: “It’s immensely helpful, especially when we have the […]

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PlayersTV: The New Home for Athlete Lifestyle Content

  • Athletes from the NBA, NFL, and more are investors and partners
  • Will debut on Samsung TV Plus on March 25, 2020

(BrandForward is a proud partner of Front Office Sports) During NBA All-Star Weekend, Players Media Group announced its plans to launch PlayersTV, a new network dedicated to sports lifestyle and culture entertainment. The goal: making it easier for fans to access the athlete content they desire, and easier for athletes to reach their fans and monetize their content. PlayersTV launches March 25, 2020 on Samsung TV Plus.  “Being part of the PlayersTV family is an exciting opportunity to work in […]

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StellarAlgo CEO Vince Ircandia Talks Utilizing Fan Data

  • Understanding the audience can help lead to more loyal fans
  • Teams can have all the demographic info in the world, but they have to know what to do with it

(StellarAlgo is a proud partner of Front Office Sports) Teams at every level of sports want to build fan loyalty. They do this by making fans feel that they matter with a personalized approach to both sales and service. These things cannot be properly developed, however, without the right approach and tools for collecting and analyzing fan date. StellarAlgo CEO Vince Ircandia dropped by the Front Office Sports HQ to chat with Adam White about fan data and how pro […]

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Athlete x Media Summit: Where Sport Meets Business

(BrandForward is a proud partner of Front Office Sports) On Thursday, January 30, more than 200 sports industry executives, professional athletes, venture capitalists, and representatives from teams, leagues, agencies and players associations came together for the Athlete x Media Summit during Super Bowl LIV Week.  Produced by BrandForward and The Network Advisory during Super Bowl Week, Athlete x Media was designed for networking and in-depth conversation centered around the intersection of sports, athletes and media. In addition to the summit, the […]

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Office Hours: Donn Davis on The Business of MMA

  • PFL has eclipsed 25% of UFC's audience in just five years
  • League could be profitable by 2021

Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Powered by RedCircle Welcome to a new episode of Office Hours: a podcast with Front Office Sports CEO Adam White and figures in the sports industry that’s centered around three basic questions: “What’s on your mind today?”, “What are you excited about?”, and “Any big ideas or theories you want to share?” On today’s episode, White is joined by Donn Davis, chairman and co-founder of the Professional Fighters League. A lifelong entrepreneur, Davis proved successful in technology, hospitality […]

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WISE & UMass McCormack Department Of Sport Management Institute First-Of-Its-Kind Scholars Program

  • Each year for the next three years, two members of WISE will be selected to receive free graduate education from UMass Amherst.
  • WISE members can apply at

(UMass Amherst is a proud partner of Front Office Sports) There are very important strides that are currently being taken to encourage gender equality in the sports industry. There is also much work to be done in this area, as many teams, leagues, brands, agencies and associations continue to skew heavily towards male positions of leadership.   Some of the meaningful strides taking place are occurring in academia, as programs specializing in sports management education become more intentional and proactive about both […]

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Shot Callers: Payne Brown, President, Think450

Known as the “innovation engine of the NBPA,” Think450 works to find new ways to monetize the group licensing rights of NBA players as well as assist in providing a number of events and services to make the union stronger. FOS Editor Ian Thomas sits down with Payne Brown, president of Think450 to discuss collective bargaining agreements within North American sports, particularly the NBA, and some of the projects that Think450 has in the works. Edited highlights appear below: On […]

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Chicago Bulls’ Kamil Strycharz Talks Building A Career In Digital

Subscribe: iTunes Powered by RedCircle The Chicago Bulls are one of the most recognizable brands in basketball and this past weekend, they hosted NBA All-Star Weekend. Kamil Strycharz, the Bulls’ Digital Content Coordinator, joins Social on the Sidelines to chat with Shahbaz Khan and Amara Baptist about his role in building the team’s digital strategy and various digital projects. Edited highlights appear below:On how his job responsibilities break down (9:54) Strycharz:”I would say 20% of my job is game coverage. So […]

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NBA Teams See Value In KINEXON’s Performance Data

(KINEXON is a proud partner of Front Office Sports) As NBA All-Star Weekend 2020 is set to get underway in Chicago, the eyes of the basketball world will be on the league’s biggest stars. Just down the road from the United Center, the site of Sunday’s All-Star Game, is the U.S. headquarters for one of the fastest growing performance data and analytics providers in the world, KINEXON.  In 2016, the German-based technology company opened its first U.S. office. After finding […]

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Shot Callers: Robin Harris, Executive Director, The Ivy League

(The Ivy League is a proud partner of Front Office Sports) The Ivy League’s rich history in both athletics and academics is well known, even to casual observers of college sports. In recent years, however, the league has been at the forefront of several initiatives aimed at improving not just the lives of their own student-athletes, but the sports world as a whole. In the latest episode of Shot Callers, FOS COO Russ Wilde chats with Executive Director of the […]

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