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How Trifecta is Helping Streamline Fitness and Nutrition for the Modern Day Consumer

The all-organic meal delivery service acquired DMW Design Group, LLC to help continue their growth outside of just meals. Now more than ever, people are making their health and wellness a top priority. Through innovative technological advancements, it is becoming easier and easier. One of the main components that keeps people from focusing on their overall well-being is the time and energy it takes to workout and eat well while balancing everything else in their lives. “We picked a very broad […]

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How Audi and Airbnb Took Fan Experience to Unprecedented Heights

In early August, Audi and Airbnb gave fans the opportunity of a lifetime. The pitch side home presented by Audi and Airbnb (Via Audi Mediacenter) When it comes to promotions, delivering an opportunity that is not only unique, but memorable can create a lifetime of memories. That is exactly what Audi and Airbnb did when they had the chance to partner up for the Audi Cup that took place in early August. Four months prior to that, both companies’ creative […]

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Everton Seeks New Digital Audiences With Angry Birds Sleeve Sponsorship

An interesting partnership with a unique goal. Via Angry Birds YouTube Video As English Premier League teams begin selling sleeve sponsorships, there are two clear standouts at this point. First, Tinder became the official sleeve sponsor of EPL giants Manchester United. Now, the Angry Birds logo will appear on the Everton jersey sleeve as they signed a deal earlier this year with games giant Rovio Entertainment. For those who don’t know what Angry Birds is, it is a mobile game in which […]

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How LaLiga Is Helping Spearhead the Development of US Soccer

The league has taken an amiable and collaborative approach. Via US Club Soccer As much is it sucks to say, the United States is simply not a big player on the soccer world stage (USWNT aside, you’re great, keep doing what you’re doing ladies). There is a lot of work to be done to improve our standing. Looking to do just that, US Club Soccer has teamed up with LaLiga and FC Barcelona for a dream partnership. While the sheer numbers […]

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Adidas, MLS Extension Worth $700 Million Through 2024

A landmark deal for both sides as adidas is bullish on soccer’s future in North America. Via mlssoccer.com The adidas footprint in the world’s most popular sport is undeniably powerful and they are doing everything they can to keep it that way. They continue to strengthen their position as the world’s leading soccer brand through long-term partnerships with the likes of FIFA, UEFA, national teams, club teams, and MLS. While MLS is currently the fifth most popular league in the US […]

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The Monetary Effect of Promotion Versus Relegation — European Soccer

Being relegated can be disastrous for a team. Die-hard Sky Blues supporter John Mullaney (43),with his sign during Coventry City’s relegation match against Aston Villa. (Photo via Coventry Telegraph) I want you to imagine something: NCAA Division I teams playing in the NFL and vice versa. I know we joke about what college teams could beat the Cleveland Browns (let’s be honest, they’re easy to pick on), but what if that were actually the case? What if, say, Clemson, after winning […]

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Altitude Training is Changing How Athletes Prepare and Recover

The technique is transforming the way athletes train around the world. (Altitude Training Treadmill, per milehightraining.com) “Live low, train high.” Altitude training is transforming the way athletes train around the world. While it’s more recently becoming recreational and mainstream, the 1968 Olympics sparked this movement towards low oxygen training. Mexico City sits at 7,382 feet above sea level, which resulted in numerous performance anomalies during and after the Olympics, thus, peeking the interest of many around the world. The research boiled down […]

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Catching Up With Sales Guru Brett Zalaski

A year later, Zalaski continues to crush it. Brett Zalaski, current VP, Sales and Service of Houston Dynamo, Dash, and BBVA Stadium (Photo via ALSD podcast) “Conquer what you are doing now and that will create opportunities elsewhere.” That is the motto of the now VP, Ticket Sales & Service of the Houston Dynamo, Dash and BBVA Stadium, Brett Zalaski. With lofty goals in mind, Brett has determined the best way to reach them is to master what he is doing in […]

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