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From Cold-Calling to Shot-Calling

AudienceView’s Connor Kruggel talks about his career path, the future of fan experience, and more. Connor Kruggel knows how to close. As an eager sports marketing student at the University of Indiana, Kruggel would sell himself to industry professionals that would cycle through the program with the hopes of landing internships and resume-building jobs that would separate him from his peers. “I got involved in as many internships as possible while in school,” Kruggel reflects. “Indiana always encouraged real-world experience and […]

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Millennials Bring Mobile Ticketing to the Forefront

The ability to have in-the-moment options are key to capturing a fickle part of the consumer base. Photo via: Phoenix Suns As the paradigm shifts in the ticketing sector of the sports business, teams and athletic departments of all shapes and sizes are anxious to figure out the most efficient ways to get a fan into their venue. Outside competition from other sporting events in the area, pop-up style social gatherings, and even one’s couch/big screen television combination is fierce, and executives […]

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The Other Side of the Coin

Inside the journey of AudienceView’s VP of College Athletics Mike Hinson AudienceView The second you begin a conversation with Mike Hinson you know that you are speaking with someone who belongs in the world of sales. Charismatically outgoing and informative, Hinson makes you feel like you’ve known him for twenty years even though your relationship stretches no further than twenty minutes. It’s an art form that only a select amount of people have the ability to unleash. A graduate of James […]

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Why Data Has Become Marketing’s Most Powerful Tool

The more data collected, the easier it becomes to create profiles around your customers and fans. Photo via: Digitalsport.co There is going to be a day when you walk into your favorite ballpark, arena, or stadium, and the hosting sports organization is going to know more about how you interact with their team than you may even realize yourself. Your purchasing trends, seat preferences, favorite concessions, household income, and your monetary value to the organization as a customer will all be […]

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