Pat Evans

Nolan Ryan Takes the Long and Diverse View for Business Empire Growth

  • Ryan’s business endeavors range from cattle to coffee shops.
  • A Hall of Fame resume has helped life after baseball and helps get the family company in the door, but it’s the 'product’s job to stay there.'

Nolan Ryan’s name carries a lot of weight, especially in Texas.  But even so, the Hall of Fame pitcher was ahead of his time in the way he thought about life after baseball when he retired in 1993. “A lot of the players I played with after their careers were over, they hadn’t prepared for life after baseball and had nothing to do. I was quite aware of that,” Ryan, who pitched 27 seasons for four teams, said. “The length […]

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Minor League Teams Seek Employee Solutions to Avoid Layoffs

  • Teams like the Round Rock Express and Pensacola Blue Wahoos are keeping kitchens full with meal plans and takeout food.
  • In Modesto, California, the Nuts are loaning gameday staff to grocery store sponsors.

As many sports organizations have faced the question of what to do with employees during the sports industry’s hiatus, several minor league baseball clubs are getting innovative. Near Austin, Texas, the Round Rock Express have transitioned from selling tickets to selling family meal boxes. FOS REPORT: 54.5% of industry executives believe that it would be at least 60 days before leagues resume play. “Like everyone else, we’re trying to cut expenses that aren’t essential or necessary, and it’s been really […]

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Allied Esports Finds New Revenue Stream During Outbreak: Online Gaming

  • Rather than nightly live events in Las Vegas, the company now hosts two online daily tournaments.
  • Allied Esports CEO Jud Hannigan expects the now-growing ecosystem to help increase sponsorship values when life normalizes.

With the vast majority of the sports industry basing its business around live in-person events, many are now looking towards online events in the interim. Even for Allied Esports, the esports entertainment company that largely bases its U.S. business on live events, a similar pathway has emerged. FOS REPORT: 54.5% of industry executives believe that it would be at least 60 days before leagues resume play. Allied Esports, perhaps best known for its $20 million HyperX Esports Arena in Las […]

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Golden Knights President Draws on Lockout Experience For Season Restart

  • Team President Kerry Bubolz was Cleveland Cavaliers COO during the last NBA lockout and is applying lessons from the experience.
  • Golden Knights are rolling out a wide array of content to keep fans engaged, from a fitness challenge to a book club.

Vegas Golden Knights President Kerry Bubolz will be ready to sprint when the NHL season restarts – whenever that might be. With the NHL season on hiatus indefinitely as the nation works to get the coronavirus outbreak under control, Bubolz has his team preparing for every scenario. FOS REPORT: 54.5% of industry executives believe that it would be at least 60 days before leagues resume play. Bubolz said that while dealing with a health crisis on top of the stoppage […]

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Season Ticket Renewal Extensions Likely Preserving Team Brands

  • In tight economic conditions, teams are extending leniency to season ticket holders to protect important relationships.
  • Sports, one of the first industries to be hit, could be a pillar for other industries to look at as they come back.

At the height of the season ticket renewal season, teams will need to navigate choppy waters during the coronavirus outbreak. Ticket experts warn if the situation isn’t dealt with carefully, it could be a brand-damaging situation.  FOS REPORT: 54.5% of industry executives believe that it would be at least 60 days before leagues resume play. With the economy reeling in the wake of coronavirus shutdowns, a focus on retaining season ticket holders with a flexible approach will be important, Aaron […]

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NBA Aims to Lead Leagues With Unified Response To Coronavirus

  • The league’s public service announcements have generated more than 46 million video views.
  • “NBA Together” campaign aims to engage and educate fans and the general public about the coronavirus response.

When the NBA postponed its season on March 11, it set off a domino effect of other sporting leagues and events doing the same. The league is now trying to maintain that leadership position in leading the response from the sports industry through the coronavirus outbreak. FOS REPORT: 54.5% of industry executives believe that it would be at least 60 days before leagues resume play. With several players diagnosed with COVID-19, the NBA has pulled together more than 20 public […]

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Denver Broncos Mexico

Broncos Building Mexican Fan Base Without Ever Playing in Mexico

  • The Denver Broncos have a top ten fanbase in Mexico, starting with the team's run of success in the 90s. Ten percent of the Broncos’ Facebook fans are from Mexico.
  • Along with social media, the team also runs a contest for Mexican super fans for an all-expenses paid trip to Denver.

The Denver Broncos are working diligently to build out a large Hispanic fanbase, particularly in Mexico. The team’s efforts began at the start of the 2016 season as the organization discovered its largest concentration of Hispanic fans outside of Colorado was in Mexico, particularly around Mexico City, Marisol Villagomez, Broncos senior marketing manager, said.  FOS REPORT: 54.5% of industry executives believe that it would be at least 60 days before leagues resume play. “It’s not really by chance,” Villagomez said. […]

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Major League Rugby Sends Players Home and Takes Tournament Online

  • With players from all over the globe, MLR felt it right to send players home- and turn to a video game format.
  • The tournament is also acting as a charity endeavor for the Feeding America COVID-19 Response Fund.

As the timeline for the coronavirus hiatus lengthened, Major League Rugby felt it was right to be among the first organizations to completely shut down its season. With more than half of the league’s players from overseas, the MLR decided to move the rest of the season to an online competition on the video game Rugby 20, with each team selecting a player to play in a makeshift tournament. “At the end of the day, it looked like it would […]

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Kevin McNulty MMM

Monday Morning Marketer: Momentum Worldwide’s Kevin McNulty

  • As brands find their way through this time, McNulty says a 30-60-90 day plan is paramount.
  • On the other side of the coronavirus shutdown will be a new normal; brands can help shape that normal by planning now, he said.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic brands are faced with a challenge: stay active or go dark.  That challenge is what Momentum Worldwide President and Chief Marketing Officer Kevin McNulty and the entire agency are working on right now with its clients, which include American Express, Verizon, and Microsoft. With sports – a significant marketing platform for many major brands – screeching to a halt for an indefinite amount of time, brands are scrambling to make sense of the situation and how […]

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Bettors Turn to Belarusian Soccer and Reality TV With Peer-to-Peer Apps

  • Operators are limited in what they can offer based on regulatory bodies.
  • Peer-to-peer options allow more flexibility in how and what to bet.

Obscure leagues and sports are seeing an uptick in attention in the sports world, but there are challenges in offering more for eager bettors. Major sports betting operators are at the mercy of regulators, which have tight restrictions, while other, more nimble operators are finding a way to make some positives in an otherwise hectic time.  PointsBet – which operates in New Jersey, Indiana, and Iowa – is still offering Belarusian soccer, UFC, NFL free agency prop bets, and futures, […]

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