MLS Jumps on the Esports Train

With eMLS, the league becomes the second to have a dedicated esports league. MLS has partnered with EA Sports to create the first ever eMLS Cup. Photo Credits: Major League Soccer If you’ve ever played a match of FIFA on your Play Station or Xbox, you’re probably very well aware of how intense it can get along with how skilled many of online players are. With the release of FIFA 18 by EA Sports and growth in competitive gaming, MLS has taken […]

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Executives Bullish On a Bright Future for the NBA 2K League

The accessibility of the sport and the countless opportunities for partnerships will be key for success. Founder, Majority Owner, Chariman and CEO of Monumental Sports & Entertainment Ted Leonsis (Photo courtesy of Jason Stein) Last week, Ted Leonsis, Founder and Chairman of Monumental Sports and Entertainment, hosted the Esports & Wizards NBA 2K League Global Summit. MSE showcased this event to a worldwide audience through Twitch and other live OTT platforms, including MSE owned, Monumental Sports Network. This event elucidated the multiple […]

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Germany Establishes an Official Esports Association

At this point, can anything stop esports? Photo via ESBD Earlier this week, Germany made headlines by announcing the formation of eSport-Bund Deutschland (ESBD). The organization is the first of its kind in Germany and brings together 21 teams and organizations from the esports scene across the country. In a quote provided to Front Office Sports, President Hans Jagnow detailed what the goal of the organization is. “We are a federation of organized esports in Germany which includes pro teams, amateur teams […]

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How a Love for Esports Propelled Grant Paranjape Into His Dream Job

Whether or not you believe in the sticking power of esports, it’s making a profound impact on our industry. In May of next year, the NBA 2K League will officially launch and Monumental Sports and Entertainment, owner of the NHL’s Washington Capitals and the NBA’s Washington Wizards, will be at the forefront of this innovative new initiative. Leading this cutting-edge campaign at MSE as their Director of Esports Business and Team Operations is Grant Paranjape. Raised in Michigan, Paranjape got […]

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NASCAR and the Importance of Esports

From iRacing to NASCAR Heat, esports have helped drivers and sponsor alike. iRacing is even featured on (Image via Since 1996, NASCAR has explored technologies and put gaming ideas onto the market. With racing games such as NASCAR Thunder, Chase for the Cup, Total Team Control and NASCAR Heat Evolution, players everywhere are able to play head-to-head and online. However, simulation games have shifted the tide in the gaming community. These games allow users to simulate real environments and […]

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The Sports Game Riddle: What NBA 2K Solved

The success has turned the franchise into a sports icon. The details in 2K18 are ridiculously good. Note: the NBA 2K franchise is one that I am wholly partial to. While I had enjoyed many installations of EA’s NBA Live¹, NBA 2K11 felt like the first great basketball simulation that I had ever played. With that said, I will attempt to provide an unbiased analysis on what Take Two got right with NBA 2K. The Gameplan for Sports Sports video games differ […]

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How Esports Becomes the Next Major Sport

There are a few hurdles that remain. esports has a huge opportunity in front of it. (Photo via Esports is the new big ticket item in the sports industry. Sponsorship revenue and acquisitions are at an all-time high, indicating positive expectations from all sides. There are, however, skeptics — with some valid complaints. But esports has become one of the strongest candidates to become the next major sport in recent memory. That being said, esports is not without its flaws. In order […]

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