Sports Leaders Learn To Run Companies Remotely

  • From Erika Nardini to Jamey Rootes, sports executives nationwide are being forced to run their companies remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Some see the viability of work from home post-coronavirus, while others are longing for their return to the office.

There is a popular saying that has been used for decades by figures like John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Al Gore that Houston Texans CEO Jamey Rootes thinks rings particularly true right now: the Chinese symbol for crisis is the combination of danger and opportunity.  “The danger is there, and it’s present and clear, but there are also the opportunities you have to look for,” Rootes said. “From the beginning of this, we really encouraged our team to not only persevere […]

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Max Scherzer

Hot Stove in May

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  • The MLBPA is likely to submit a counterproposal to the league this week.

The MLB Players Association is expected to counter the owners’ plan to start the season by offering a proposal to play 100 games with fully-guaranteed, prorated salaries. Players had already agreed to a 50% pay reduction earlier this year and were not receptive to the owners’ proposal for progressive cuts that would affect stars more than rank and file players over an 82 game season. MLB agent Scott Boras sent an email to his 71 clients suggesting they refuse further […]

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Iowa State football

Fans in Stands

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  • Iowa State director of athletics rolls out plan for fans in the stands.

Less than a week after University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel said there might not be college football, Iowa State University is selling tickets. ISU Director of Athletics Jamie Pollard rolled out a plan to sell 30,000 tickets per game, which would result in 50% capacity at the Cyclones’ stadium. Tickets would only be sold to those who renewed season tickets for this year, with no individual game sales. Across the state, University of Iowa Athletics Director Gary Barta said […]

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Madden Renewed

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  • A renewed deal between Electronic Arts, NFL and NFLPA could be worth more than $2 billion.

A new deal between EA Sports, the NFL and the NFLPA could be worth more than $2 billion. The renewal takes the Madden NFL franchise and its football simulation gameplay through 2026. The title is also seeking to leverage the game’s social media and lifestyle aspect with a new focus on expanding the football fanbase. Along with building an esports ecosystem around Madden, EA Sports expects to work with players and the league to develop games in other genres. The […]

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Manchester U

More Soccer

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  • The English Premier League has a date to come back: June 17.

The English Premier League will officially return on June 17 after three months of suspended play. All 92 remaining games will be aired across the league’s three UK broadcast partners, as no fans will be allowed in the stadiums. The move may also reduce the amount teams have to pay back broadcasters including BT and Sky Sports, which pay the EPL upfront for rights. Before Thursday’s announcement, Manchester United said it plans to rebate $24.5 million to the networks this […]

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Work From Home Finding A Role In The Sports Business World

  • For over two months, the vast majority of sports industry professionals were forced to work from home, with surprisingly effective results.
  • While some sports execs believe that a return to normalcy is coming, others expect WFH to forever be a part of the industry.

For many people working in sports, long hours and an atypical work schedule were a badge of honor.  It was often emphasized that higher-ups in an organization would notice those who were in the office before 9 a.m. and who stayed long after their peers well into the night after games. That impression would eventually lead to good first impressions and, ultimately, a path towards upward mobility. That way of thinking has been called into question by the coronavirus pandemic. […]

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Packers bikes

Bike Industry Rolling

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  • The bicycle industry is having its third revival in 150 years.

Recreational bike sales experienced a 121% year-over-year jump in March. The bike renaissance is the third boom for the industry in 150 years, following a peak in the 1890s and another from 1965-1975. Popularity then declined until a 2019 study found 32% of Americans over the age of 3 had ridden a bike in the previous year. Recent pandemic-driven concerns about mass transit and infectious diseases have sparked the latest renaissance, while many U.S. cities continue to build out bike […]

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UFC punch

UFSEA Sets Sail

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  • UFC is headed back to Las Vegas, but Fight Island isn’t dead in the water.

Combat sports are coming back to Las Vegas as the Nevada State Athletic Commission approved UFC fights at its Apex facility on May 30 and June 6. The commission also voted to allow two Top Rank boxing matches on June 9 and 11 at the MGM Grand. UFC held three events in Florida earlier this month and pushed for this weekend’s return to Las Vegas as UFC President Dana White claimed it as the safest place to conduct fights. On […]

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XFL Up for Bids

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  • The XFL has more than 20 potential buyers lined up in bankruptcy court.

The XFL has seen interest from more than 20 buyers to rescue the league out of bankruptcy. However, one person that won’t be bidding is former owner Vince McMahon. McMahon separated himself from rumors he was looking to buy the league out of bankruptcy, saying in a filing that, while he reserved a legal right to do so, he would not. Brokerage firm Houlihan Lokey is running the process for the league and is in discussions with the potential buyers, all […]

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Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka’s Record Year

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  • Tennis star Naomi Osaka made $37.4 million in prize money and endorsements the past 12 months.

22-year-old Naomi Osaka has surpassed on-court rival Serena Williams as the highest-paid female athlete in the world. The two-time Grand Slam winner earned $37.4 million in prize money and endorsements the past 12 months – a record for single-year earnings, beating Maria Sharapova’s $29.7 million in 2015. Of the top 100 earners in sports this year, two are women: Osaka, at No. 29, and Williams, at No. 33. Osaka benefited by signing an apparel deal just after winning two Grand […]

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