Minor League Teams Seek Employee Solutions to Avoid Layoffs

  • Teams like the Round Rock Express and Pensacola Blue Wahoos are keeping kitchens full with meal plans and takeout food.
  • In Modesto, California, the Nuts are loaning gameday staff to grocery store sponsors.

As many sports organizations have faced the question of what to do with employees during the sports industry’s hiatus, several minor league baseball clubs are getting innovative. Near Austin, Texas, the Round Rock Express have transitioned from selling tickets to selling family meal boxes. FOS REPORT: 54.5% of industry executives believe that it would be at least 60 days before leagues resume play. “Like everyone else, we’re trying to cut expenses that aren’t essential or necessary, and it’s been really […]

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Fitness Industry Pushed Into Changes as Companies of All Sizes Scramble

  • Almost all of the 2,600 YMCA’s across the country are closed, but members who can afford to are being asked to continue to pay membership fees to support YMCA community work.
  • “There’s no business model in the world that works when you don’t have money coming in, and you still have money going out,” Spartan CEO said.

Without open doors to welcome customers, gyms, training centers, boutique studios and brands within the fitness industry have undergone major changes and have had to adapt their business models. While some within the space were able to quickly pivot to find new profit streams and others may be big enough to survive the temporary closures as is. Others, including small studios and boutique offerings, are struggling to generate cash altogether.  The industry’s first response came from a host of streaming […]

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Athletes Unlimited Seeks to Reinvent Women’s Pro Sports, Starting With Softball

  • Athletes Unlimited is planning on launching leagues in three different women's professional sports.
  • Athletes will earn more of the profits as the league succeeds, and athletes will also participate in company governance.

As Jon Patricof looked across the sports industry for investment opportunities, he quickly saw a sector with growth potential: women’s professional sports. “Women’s professional sports is an untapped opportunity – it’s a place where these amazing athletes aren’t truly recognized for the value they create,” Patricof said. FOS REPORT: 54.5% of industry executives believe that it would be at least 60 days before leagues resume play. The former president of NYCFC, Patricof was also the former COO and president of […]

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Golden Knights President Draws on Lockout Experience For Season Restart

  • Team President Kerry Bubolz was Cleveland Cavaliers COO during the last NBA lockout and is applying lessons from the experience.
  • Golden Knights are rolling out a wide array of content to keep fans engaged, from a fitness challenge to a book club.

Vegas Golden Knights President Kerry Bubolz will be ready to sprint when the NHL season restarts – whenever that might be. With the NHL season on hiatus indefinitely as the nation works to get the coronavirus outbreak under control, Bubolz has his team preparing for every scenario. FOS REPORT: 54.5% of industry executives believe that it would be at least 60 days before leagues resume play. Bubolz said that while dealing with a health crisis on top of the stoppage […]

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NBA Aims to Lead Leagues With Unified Response To Coronavirus

  • The league’s public service announcements have generated more than 46 million video views.
  • “NBA Together” campaign aims to engage and educate fans and the general public about the coronavirus response.

When the NBA postponed its season on March 11, it set off a domino effect of other sporting leagues and events doing the same. The league is now trying to maintain that leadership position in leading the response from the sports industry through the coronavirus outbreak. FOS REPORT: 54.5% of industry executives believe that it would be at least 60 days before leagues resume play. With several players diagnosed with COVID-19, the NBA has pulled together more than 20 public […]

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Sports Industry Coronavirus Primer

  • 54.5% of industry executives believe that it would be at least 60 days before leagues resume play
  • Sports business insights around the impact of COVID-19 on the Olympics, esports, and sports betting

In an effort to help make sense of how Coronavirus is impacting the US sports industry, we’ve put together this quick report of proprietary data from FOS reader surveys and additional research. All FOS survey data is based on a minimum of 250 responses from industry executives.  The wait is about to get longer… On March 12th, the day following the NBA’s decision to suspend the season, 64.5% of our audience would have attended a sporting event the next day […]

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Friday Five: Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini

  • Barstool Sports had planned on being on a tour of Penn National properties this week - instead its staff is creating content from their homes amid the coronavirus pandemic.
  • "It forces us to be really creative, which is when the best of Barstool shines through," she said.

The sports industry has been left shaken by the widespread ramifications of the global coronavirus pandemic as athletes, media companies, leagues, and teams alike continue to evaluate the impact on their respective businesses. “It’s an unprecedented time, as well as a very unchartered one,” said Erika Nardini, the CEO of Barstool Sports. But amid the crises, Nardini said one thing is clear for Barstool: “What Dave [Portnoy] and I believe is that content is more important than ever,” she said. […]

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Athletes Coming Together For Coronavirus Fundraising Efforts

  • Athletes across sports are coming together to raise money for those impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Participants range from Mark Cuban to Rory McIlroy to the Harlem Globetrotters to racehorse American Pharoah.

As the coronavirus pandemic spread across the globe, athletes across sports have been some of the first to act to help their local communities. Ranging from Milwaukee Bucks and NBA MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo pledging $100,000 to staff at the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee to Zion Williamson saying that he will cover the salaries of all of the workers at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans for the next 30 days to Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer hosting a waffle […]

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Marble Racing League Shoots Ahead During Global Sports Hiatus

  • Jelle’s Marble Racing has seen a 339% increase in YouTube views and >999% spike in subscribers in the last week as fans tune in for the Rojo Rollers and Savage Speeders.
  • A video of an old Marble League sand race went viral, racking up 33.3 million views, almost 781,000 likes and landing on ESPN’s SportsCenter.

Viral videos of competitive marble racing have run rampant across social and digital media outlets as fans search for sports-like content to consume during the global hiatus.  That has presented a unique opportunity for the Marble League, as the more than decade-old operation is known today – which wasn’t always followed by 650,000 YouTube subscribers, 20,600 Twitter users or 23,800 Instagram accounts.  “The last few days have been absolutely incredible for the whole team,” said Anton Weber, the public relations […]

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NFL Draft Leaves Players and Las Vegas In Tight Spot

  • By canceling its live event, the NFL Draft will leave new NFL players without an opportunity to showcase their marketability.
  • While Las Vegas’ short-term outlook is dire, the cancellation could bring more events like another draft or a future Super Bowl.

Many parties are likely to see a dramatic drop off in expected revenue this year with the NFL’s decision not to hold its draft in Las Vegas this spring. For the players themselves, a lack of a live draft will block them from one of their first touchpoints with brands as a professional athlete. “For incoming first-round draft picks, they take a major hit regarding building relationships with all brands, especially corporate brands that are partnered with the league such […]

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