Atlanta Hawks Empowering Female Players With Her Time To Play Clinic

As a former captain and three-year starter for Georgia Tech men’s basketball, Jon Babul easily noticed what often happened to his eight-year-old daughter when she would attend a basketball camp.   “I know when she comes to a camp and sees 80 boys – some of whom are older – in the gym, young females can become apprehensive when they walk in and just see that environment,” Babul said.  As the NBA has struggled to attract young girls to basketball, the […]

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Packers-Microsoft’s TitletownTech Joint Venture Trying To Win Different Kind of Game

  • TitletownTech’s Venture Capital Fund has grown to $25 million and 17 individual investors.
  • It has already invested in three companies.

Green Bay Packers fans have saved the team multiple times through stock offerings. Now the Packers have teamed with Microsoft on a joint venture to support entrepreneurs and fledgling businesses in the greater Green Bay area. In its first year, the Packers and Microsoft’s “TitletownTech” has already invested in three companies – and is doing due diligence on another five. The combination venture fund/innovation lab/venture studio operates in the shadow of Lambeau Field, the storied home of football legends ranging […]

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Bleacher Report Continues Commerce Push, Adds Pedro Martinez To Its World Tour Clothing Collection

Fresh off its World Tour Collection clothing launches for Dwayne Wade and Mariano Rivera this year, Bleacher Report has partnered with Hall of Fame pitcher Pedro Martinez, in efforts to sell apparel to fans commemorating the player’s 18-year baseball career. The campaign is the latest for Bleacher Report’s growing e-commerce team launched last year, as the Turner-owned media company attempts to grow revenue through branded content, merchandise, and offering unique sports experiences to fans. According to Bleacher Report’s Head of […]

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AI Powered Concessions

AI-Powered Concession Stands Full Speed Ahead At Sport Venues

Whether it’s to ease the strain of labor issues, increase consistent quality or save valuable time so fans can find their way back to their seats for game action, AI-powered and robotic concession stands are popping up across U.S. sports venues – with more expected to come in the future. “We’re continuing to explore opportunities in our client and partner venues,” said Carl Mittleman, president of Aramark Sports & Entertainment. “Management teams are clamoring for more units, but we’re not […]

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Humans vs. AI: Drone Racing League Debuts Autonomous Racing Drone

Artificial intelligence’s presence in professional sports is rapidly expanding.  Since July, the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball and the NFL have each experimented with AI technology to improve their business practices.  This week, another sport revealed its intentions with advanced technology – but with the desire to directly challenge its human participants. The Drone Racing League is debuting its first-ever autonomous racing drone called RacerAI. It uses the drone’s configuration to provide a non-obstructive, frontal view computer view during racing. […]

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Best NHL Free-Agent Signings This Summer? Service Dogs

On November 6, 2016, the Anaheim Ducks hosted their Military Appreciation Night versus the Calgary Flames. During the pregame ceremony, Lance Corporal Brandon C. Benningfield was joined on the ice by Corporal Nero.  Little did the crowd know that Nero was a military police patrol and explosive detector dog who was holding in his mouth the ceremonial puck. Once he made the puck drop, fans at the Honda Center went wild for the German Shepherd – as did social media.  […]

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Vikings, Pepsi Create Augmented Reality-Featured Commemorative Cups

The Minnesota Vikings might be 2-2 going into Week 5 of the 2019 season, but that hasn’t stopped them from making plays off the field. To start off the year, Minnesota partnered with long-time partner PepsiCo, Inc. to unveil a commemorative cup that’s both scan-able and augmented-reality inspired. Since transitioning to a more digital-savvy organization, the Vikings have been experimenting with the unprecedented – and haven’t caused a turnover yet. “It was something that no other team had really taken […]

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MLB Diversity Fellowship Aims To Embrace Acceptance In Baseball

Since joining Major League Baseball, Tyrone Brooks has been determined to have America’s Pastime grow through diversity. With the first class of MLB’s Diversity Fellowship nearing its end, he’s confident that this opportunity will serve as a professional springboard for them – similar to what he has experienced in the sport. After graduating from the University of Maryland in 1996, Brooks’ introduction to sports came through the Atlanta Braves as a part of MLB’s Career Initiative Training Program. Developed by […]

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Five Years Later, 49ers’ Mentorship Academy Continues To Inspire

When the San Francisco 49ers launched their first-ever Mentorship Academy back in 2014, only one school participated in it. The team traveled to Oak Grove High School in San Jose to teach the Eagles’ 60 football players how to be leaders on and off the gridiron. Since that first trip to Oak Grove, five more iterations of the academy have passed, with each growing in size.  When 49ers PREP – the group behind this initiative – hosted its sixth-annual Mentorship […]

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Drone Racing League: A Futuristic View Of Sports – In 2019

In early 2015, Nicholas Horbaczewski saw an amateur sports race at a Home Depot store on Long Island. It was unlike anything he’d ever seen before. At that moment, he realized that the future of sports might be out of human control – and that’s the point.  “I just thought it was one of the coolest things I’d ever seen,” Horbaczewski said of drone racing. “I think the sport is amazing to watch, I’d love to watch more of it. […]

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