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It’s All Fun and Games (‘Till Somebody Brings Up the Money)

Baseball: The Healthiest Dead Guy I Know Most of my favorite weekly columns have some recurring names or theme…Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback; Matthew Berry’s Love/Hate; Rick Reilly’s “Life of Reilly,” back in the day…The title I kept toying with for my space here was “Diamond Notes.” Perfect fit! Clever, descriptive, references the two major topics covered (baseball and Benjamin’s…) and then I realized why it kept rattling around in my head. Peter Gammons (and just about every fifth baseball […]

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Be Present: Showing Up Is Half The Battle

Succeeding in the sports industry is as easy as being present. Being able to be present and create ROI for your employers is key. (Photo via Pexels) If there is one thing that was reinforced during my time as an adjunct professor this fall for Auburn University, it’s that being present and showing up is half the battle. I told my students on day one that attendance would not be taken. There would be penalties for missing a certain number of classes, […]

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3 Keys to Positioning & Promoting Yourself

When it comes to developing your career, these tips could help you land your next job. The key to positioning and promoting yourself is opening doors for others. It’s been a while, but it feels great to be behind the keyboard once again. I will admit I have been hesitant to create new content since beginning in my new role. Realizing how blessed I am to work at the College Football Playoff (CFP), it also comes with a great deal of personal […]

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How TopSpin Became the Sports Industry Holiday Party

The charity has raised $3.5M to date through their ping pong events. (photo via TopSpin) “It began with some trash talk between me, Mark Tatum, and Emilio Collins. Who’s better than who at ping pong? Then we decided we’ll have a tournament and raise some money for charity. That was nine years ago.” — Peter Farnsworth, Founder, TopSpin TopSpin hosted their 9th annual event in New York on December 6 — a ping pong tournament featuring celebrities and top sports executives. From attendees to the organizing […]

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What We Can Learn from the Tennessee Head Football Coach Search

A tumultuous couple of weeks has left behind lessons for a lifetime. The University of Tennessee Campus Student Union Bridge. (Photo via AMY SMOTHERMAN BURGESS/NEWS SENTINEL) The events surrounding the head coaching search at the University of Tennessee serve as a great learning experience for fans, aspiring sport business professionals, and especially for intercollegiate athletic administration personnel. In no way shape or form should this serve as a Vols bash session, but it can definitely serve as a teachable moment […]

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Behind the Microphone with the NASCAR Whiz Kid, NASCAR’s Youngest Reporter

12-year-old Michael Nichols is in a league of his own. 12 year old Michael Nichols, nicknamed the “NASCAR Whiz Kid,” interviews Chip Ganassi Racing Driver Kyle Larson at the NASCAR Playoffs Media Day in Charlotte. Photo courtesy of Debbie Ross / Skirts and Scuffs. Standing 4 feet and 11 inches tall at just 12 years of age, Michael Nichols is one of the most recognizable members of the NASCAR press corps. He’s known by drivers and media members as the “NASCAR Whiz […]

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How the Browns and the University of Findlay Are Helping Shape Future Professionals

The Cleveland Browns Edge Program is not just any internship program. The Browns Edge Program combines academics and real world experience (image via Professional sports teams have a unique platform to facilitate success off the field in their community. It’s especially impactful when organizations find a way to do that while preparing the next generation of youth to work in the sports industry. The Cleveland Browns and the University of Findlay have found a way to do just that […]

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The Power and Influence of a Successful Mentor

They are arguably the most important people in your professional career. Having a mentor is a crucial aspect to a successful career. (Image via Tim Ferriss recently wrote a book called Tribe of Mentors, and after listening to him talk about it on 5 or so podcasts, I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of mentorship. More than that, I’ve been thinking about what makes a great mentor and what impact they can have on someone’s life. Finding […]

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