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Spinzo’s FeatureFest Highlights New Opportunities For Sports Sales Teams

  • New features from Spinzo give sales teams, as well as fans, an easier experience
  • New upgrades and features will be released every day this week

(Spinzo is a proud partner of Front Office Sports) In a time of constant adaptation for the sports industry, sales teams face added pressure to create attractive packages for fans and close deals. There are ways to keep the wheels turning, however.  Spinzo’s group sales platform can help teams in the live events industry advance their business goals even while live events are sidelined. Over the past eight weeks, Spinzo has accelerated their technical development pace to introduce several new […]

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Shot Callers: John Roberson, CEO, Advent

  • Advent helps teams and properties create unique in-venue experiences.
  • Aligning team and brand partner goals is key, but challenging.

(National Sports Forum and Advent are proud partners of Front Office Sports) In a world where fans have plenty of motivation to not attend live events, sports properties must find interesting ways to give fans Instagram-worthy moments at their venues. FOS REPORT: 54.5% of industry executives believe that it would be at least 60 days before leagues resume play. John Roberson is the CEO of Advent, a company that works with college and professional sports properties to create in-venue experiences […]

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Topgolf Swing Suite Takes Aim at Sports Stadiums And Arenas

  • Topgolf Swing Suite is opening more locations around the homes of pro teams like the Atlanta Braves, Green Bay Packers and Boston Celtics.
  • The company's partnership with Delaware North gives it more entree to sports arenas and entertainment districts, says President Ron Powers.

When Aaron Rodgers is out and about in Green Bay, you can sometimes find him enjoying himself at his local Topgolf Swing Suite. The smaller, more intimate Swing Suite is like having your own virtual driving range/video game center/sports bar. Even better, it is located on Lombardi Avenue in the shadow of Lambeau Field. “From what I understand, (Rodgers) is a regular. It doesn’t hurt that we built it in his backyard,” said Ron Powers, president of Topgolf Swing Suite […]

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Los Angeles Rams See Benefits in First Season Using 8K Solutions Cameras

(8K Solutions is a proud partner of Front Office Sports) In the National Football League, teams are always searching for tools that can help take them to the next level. More and more video teams are beginning to utilize 8K Solutions cameras to to get a better picture of how these teams can improve.  The defending NFC champion Los Angeles Rams have worked with 8K Solutions for a number of years. The team purchased a set of five of the […]

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49ers Finding Success in Tech-Rich Silicon Valley

  • The 49ers are successfully selling uber-VIP suites and field seats to tech execs and venture capitalists in Silicon Valley.
  • 49ers have generated more ticket resales on Ticketmaster's official ticket exchange than any other NFL team.

The San Francisco 49ers have the advantage – and challenge – of playing in one of the world’s richest metro markets. On the one hand, playing in the heart of Silicon Valley makes it easier for the 49ers to sell the type of uber-VIP packages that would be difficult for the Green Bay Packers to market in blue-collar Wisconsin. On the other hand, there are so many sports and entertainment temptations in the surrounding Bay Area, it’s easy for fans […]

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How Miami’s UOnline Prepared A Sales Professional For A Move To Sports

(UOnline is a proud partner of Front Office Sports) Front Office Sports is proud to share the stories of UOnline alumni who have elevated their sports career by earning a graduate degree through the school’s online MSED in Sport Administration program. After 15 years in the business of finance and mortgage, Keith Benz made the decision to pursue a career combining his passions of sales and sports. Benz earned a Master of Education in Sport Administration from the University of […]

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Dallas Cowboys Invite Fans To Live Like A Cowboy

  • The Dallas Cowboys are poised to open the first-ever residential building at an NFL headquarters campus.
  • The 17-story luxury high-rise built by ex-QB Roger Staubach overlooks the club's 91-acre, $1.5 billion HQ/training complex.

Fans who’d like to live like a Dallas Cowboy are about to get their chance. The Cowboys are poised to open the first-ever residential building on an NFL team headquarters campus. Built with former quarterback turned real estate developer Roger Staubach, the luxury residential tower is named for his #12 jersey number: Twelve Cowboys Way. Set to open February 2020, the 17-story high-rise promises an “immersive” experience with America’s Team. How? Location, location, location. Twelve Cowboys Way overlooks The Star: […]

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Montreal Alouettes Increase Fan Engagement With RFID Payment Solution

(Connect&Go is a proud partner of Front Office Sports) In professional football, halftime lasts roughly 15 minutes. This leaves a small window of time for fans to get in line, purchase concessions, and return to their seats without missing much of the action. Teams that take action to reduce time spent in line will, in turn, be rewarded by their fans. The Montreal Alouettes are currently in the fourth year of a partnership with Connect&GO: a Montreal based company specializing […]

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Impact of Leases on Stadiums and Arenas

(Citrin Cooperman is a proud partner of Front Office Sports) Over the last decade or so, the sports industry has seen professional organizations elect to renovate or construct new sporting facilities costing hundreds of millions, even billions of dollars. This is done in an effort to provide a better draw for more talented players and provide fans with an improved game day experience. More often than not, these stadiums/arenas along with the land they are attached to, are not owned […]

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2019 VenuesNow Conference Comes To New York City

(Oak View Group is a proud partner of Front Office Sports)  After two years in Los Angeles, the 2019 VenuesNow Conference will be held Sept. 10-11 at the Hilton Conrad with CAA ICON as the presenting sponsor. Those who have attended VenuesNow’s the flagship event in the past can expect the same great discussions and insight from the sports and entertainment industry’s best, but now with a kind of New York flair.  The speaker lineup will include a one-on-one with […]

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