Shot Callers: John Roberson, CEO, Advent

  • Advent helps teams and properties create unique in-venue experiences.
  • Aligning team and brand partner goals is key, but challenging.

(National Sports Forum and Advent are proud partners of Front Office Sports) In a world where fans have plenty of motivation to not attend live events, sports properties must find interesting ways to give fans Instagram-worthy moments at their venues. FOS REPORT: 54.5% of industry executives believe that it would be at least 60 days before leagues resume play. John Roberson is the CEO of Advent, a company that works with college and professional sports properties to create in-venue experiences […]

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Shot Callers: Kari Cohen, General Counsel, New York Red Bulls

While Kari Cohen only joined the New York Red Bulls in January as the club’s new general counsel, the accomplished sports executive sees a bright future ahead for soccer in the U.S. But while she is new to the sport, Cohen is not new to the field of sports law, most recently serving as the deputy general counsel at BSE Global. Cohen sat down with Front Office Sports Editor Ian Thomas to chat about what drew her to this role […]

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Shot Callers: Riley Mahoney, Senior Merchandise Manager, MLS at adidas

With Major League Soccer beginning its 25th season, the league worked with its jersey provider adidas to design new jerseys for each of the league’s 26 clubs. Riley Mahoney, senior merchandise manager at adidas for MLS, joins Ian Thomas to discuss the new threads for the 2020 season and the thought that went into designing them. Edited highlights appear below: On the approach to the jerseys for this season (0:18) Mahoney: “Really this journey started back in 2018. It’s a […]

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Shot Callers: Janet Duch, President, New York Guardians

The XFL’s New York Guardians entered their inaugural season with a tough task on their plate. In a market like New York City, it’s difficult for fledgeling professional sports teams to stand out from the competition. The organization’s president, Janet Duch, sits down with Ian Thomas in the latest episode of Shot Callers to discuss the team’s launch and give her own perspective on taking over a new franchise. Edited highlights appear below: On important aspects of creating the team’s […]

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Shot Callers: Maribeth Towers, SVP of Consumer Products, Major League Soccer

Major League Soccer celebrates its 25th anniversary this season with the league’s brand stronger than ever. As a result, MLS will look to roll out a number of consumer products that will resonate with their growing fanbase and soccer fans at large. Maribeth Towers, SVP of Consumer Products for MLS, chats with FOS Editor Ian Thomas about the league’s approach to creating jerseys and products to please fans at the stadium and beyond. Edited highlights appear below: On unveiling jerseys […]

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Shot Callers: Deirdre Lester, CRO, Barstool Sports

Barstool Sports have grown significantly in revenue generation in the last several years thanks in part to a series of unique brand partnerships and the efforts of Chief Revenue Officer Deirdre Lester. Lester joins FOS Editor Ian Thomas in the latest episode of Shot Callers to discuss her time with Barstool Sports and the company’s approach to brand partnerships. Edited highlights appear below: On the growth of Barstool’s events side (1:54) Lester: “It’s immensely helpful, especially when we have the […]

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StellarAlgo CEO Vince Ircandia Talks Utilizing Fan Data

  • Understanding the audience can help lead to more loyal fans
  • Teams can have all the demographic info in the world, but they have to know what to do with it

(StellarAlgo is a proud partner of Front Office Sports) Teams at every level of sports want to build fan loyalty. They do this by making fans feel that they matter with a personalized approach to both sales and service. These things cannot be properly developed, however, without the right approach and tools for collecting and analyzing fan date. StellarAlgo CEO Vince Ircandia dropped by the Front Office Sports HQ to chat with Adam White about fan data and how pro […]

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Shot Callers: Payne Brown, President, Think450

Known as the “innovation engine of the NBPA,” Think450 works to find new ways to monetize the group licensing rights of NBA players as well as assist in providing a number of events and services to make the union stronger. FOS Editor Ian Thomas sits down with Payne Brown, president of Think450 to discuss collective bargaining agreements within North American sports, particularly the NBA, and some of the projects that Think450 has in the works. Edited highlights appear below: On […]

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Shot Callers: Robin Harris, Executive Director, The Ivy League

(The Ivy League is a proud partner of Front Office Sports) The Ivy League’s rich history in both athletics and academics is well known, even to casual observers of college sports. In recent years, however, the league has been at the forefront of several initiatives aimed at improving not just the lives of their own student-athletes, but the sports world as a whole. In the latest episode of Shot Callers, FOS COO Russ Wilde chats with Executive Director of the […]

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Office Hours: Michael and Paul Rabil On Founding The PLL and More

Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Welcome to the first episode of Office Hours: a podcast where Front Office Sports CEO Adam White has a discussion with figures from throughout the sports industry centered around three basic questions. Those questions are “What’s on your mind today?”, “What are you excited about?”, and “Any big ideas or theories you want to share?” Mike and Paul Rabil are the co-founders as well as the CEO and CSO, respectively, of the Premier Lacrosse League. The […]

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