Webinar: Strategies and Tools for Engaging Fans During and After Sports’ Absence

  • A panel of CEOs discuss creative ways to keep fans happy.
  • How can sports that don't have TV revenue to rely on survive?

The last few months have been a wake-up call for sports organizations realizing the importance of effectively communicating with fans outside of the stadium. This time away, along with the evolving global climate, has also given these organizations a new lens through which they can realize new and innovative ways to give fans a modern live sports experience. In this webinar, Tim Rebich of Varsity Partners, Sue Thaden of From Now On, and David Millay from EngageMint join Joe Londergan […]

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Webinar: Exploring Brand Activations In Esports

  • Authenticity is the key to any brand activation in esports
  • Esports can present opportunities for traditional sports organizations to connect with new fans

(GumGum is a proud partner of Front Office Sports) Now more than ever, esports are presenting new and innovative ways for brands and rights holders to establish meaningful connections with fans and consumers. However, a certain level of understanding is key to fully grasp the opportunities esports have to offer. In this webinar, Joe Marsh, CEO of T1 Entertainment & Sports, and Tia Smith, Esports Lead from GumGum Sports join FOS CEO Adam White for a discussion on how brands […]

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Growing an Audience on Emerging Social Platforms: TikTok and Beyond

(Conviva is a proud partner of Front Office Sports) Everyone is buzzing about TikTok. The sports industry, in particular, has started to grow an impressive following with various leagues, teams, and players jumping on this new and emerging platform. Some sports organizations have been early adopters, while others have taken a more tempered, wait-and-see approach. Characteristic of decisions that need to be made around any new social platform launch, everyone wants to know when they should invest and how they […]

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College Football and Social: Data Driven Strategies for Producing and Deploying High Quality Content

(INFLCR is a proud partner of Front Office Sports) The college football season is coming to a close and a number of teams saw success both on the field and on social media. With many of these teams, this was achieved through quality storytelling content distributed via the channels of their players. This factor will be a key component of winning social strategies for years to come. In this webinar, Mississippi State Executive Senior Assoc. A.D. of External Affairs Leah Beasley […]

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What Fan Data Can Tell Us About Everything From Partnerships to Concessions

(Satisfi Labs is a proud partner of Front Office Sports) Data can tell an organization a lot about their fans and, in particular, their experience within a venue. Take concessions, for example, and plenty of questions arise. In this webinar, San Diego Padres VP of Marketing Katie Jackson, Minnesota Vikings Manager of Engagement & Sales Analytics Genette Sekse Amar, and Satisfi Labs COO Courtney Jeffries join FOS CEO Adam White to discuss the findings from our latest whitepaper “Burgers, Beer, […]

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Producing Esports Broadcasts in 2019 & Beyond

(Vizrt is a proud partner of Front Office Sports) Esports producers face the challenge of producing content for both in-venue and ‘streamed-to’ audiences.  In this webinar, hear from esports experts Ramon Ramos, Michael Thuney, and Lucy Goldberg on using traditional and non-traditional live production technology to tell unique stories to these two audiences, each of which will experience the competition from very different perspectives. Edited highlights appear below: On similarities between producing esports broadcasts and traditional sports broadcasts (2:34) Thuney: “It is similar in the […]

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Future of Sponsorships: Raising the Bar in Sport

(GumGum is a proud partner of Front Office Sports) Brands want to know that they are getting the biggest possible bang for their buck when it comes to sports sponsorships. What measures can be put in place to protect downside portfolio investment risk and foster greater predictability of results throughout the entire sponsor life cycle? In order for these brands to understand what that looks like, as well as for sports teams to understand how that’s possible, it first takes […]

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State of the Gameday Experience

(SRi is a proud partner of Front Office Sports) It’s no secret at this point that it’s become very appealing in recent years for even the biggest sports fans to watch the game in the comfort of their home or a sports bar versus attending a game in person. In this webinar, Doug Hall and Charles Boehmig of SRi and Fifth Third Bank VP of Corporate Sponsorships Maria Holmes join FOS CEO Adam White to discuss where the most room […]

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Driving Sponsorship Revenue in the Digital Advertising Age

(SQWAD is a proud partner of Front Office Sports) Capturing fans’ attention can be difficult in a time when they have heaps of information and entertainment in the palms of their hands. The upside to this: smartphones and digital media also give teams and leagues a vehicle to reach more fans than ever before. More eyes can definitely mean more sponsorship money, but it takes the right types of activations. In this webinar, FOS CEO Adam White is joined by […]

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Committing to Content: How to leverage social to connect with student-athletes

(*opendorse is a proud partner of Front Office Sports) It’s not enough for an athletic department to send a few tweets from the team account and call it a day. At any one time, a program’s coaches, student-athletes, commits, alumni and team account should share a unique but unified message aimed at attracting recruits. This keeps the athletic ecosystem flourishing. In this webinar, Twitter Sports Partner Manager David Herman, Facebook Head of Sports Partnerships Vincent Pannozzo, Grassroots & Athlete Marketing […]

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