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Why a Recent Acquisition Will Lead to Changing How Digital Video Is Measured

Conviva’s acquisition of Delmondo is a step forward for providing better cross platfrom metrics for everyone from teams to OTT platforms.

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(Powered by Conviva Social Insights)

In 2014, Nick Cicero founded Delmondo, a company that provides social video analytics for platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Facebook, Twitter and others. Over the course of the next four years, Cicero and Delmondo provided valuable audience insights to big-name clients like Viacom, FOX Sports, NASCAR and Turner Sports to name just a few.

In November of 2018, Delmondo was acquired by Conviva, a video artificial intelligence platform that measures consumption of premium streaming video.

More than 200 brands like HBO, Hulu, Sky, Sling TV, Turner have been working with Conviva since its inception in 2006. Now that the two companies have joined forces, clients now receive the most comprehensive analytics available for both social video and OTT programming all in one place.

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Given the fact that more and more people are receiving their television programming via the internet, Cicero believes that joining Delmondo’s services with Conviva’s makes quite a bit of sense.

“Measurement is constantly improving and evolving. This is a pretty huge step forward for revolutionizing how we measure video consumption as a whole. Television and the internet are very synonymous these days with more and more people cutting cords. So this is a natural evolution for what the industry is moving towards — not just looking at social video or just at streaming, but looking at the two combined.”

Furthermore, in meeting with Conviva’s senior leadership, Cicero (now Conviva’s VP of strategy) found that the two entities shared a similar vision for revamping the way that digital video is measured.


“The opportunity has really presented itself to build Delmondo inside of Conviva and achieve the vision that we set out to do: connecting your social and digital outlets with the ability to measure them all in one place,” Cicero said. “Now, instead of just looking at social and then tying it into your digital assets, our clients are able to have one unified look at video performance across any place that they distribute video.”

Delmondo’s stable of clients, many of whom were also Conviva clients before the two became one, can only expect the service they were receiving to improve as a result of this acquisition. While the user interface will have a slightly different look to it, applying Conviva’s stable of resources will allow Cicero and team to continue to make their offerings even better.

“Since we’re now part of a larger company, we have a larger account team, and a larger development and engineering team. So, really, our customers are able to get a lot more because we’re able to invest a lot more resources into the product.”

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For Conviva clients themselves, it all starts with producing great content that people want to watch. Beyond that, the next step is knowing exactly who the audience is for this content, which Conviva helps them do with ease.

This helps brands build better content strategies moving forward — and monetize those initiatives in ways that make sense, whether it be through subscriptions or advertisements.

“As sports media companies and teams try to figure out how to generate more digital revenue from their fans, being able to track viewer habits is super important,” Cicero stated. “Conviva has the scale and the technology to do that.”

With this acquisition, digital strategy as a whole took a step forward.

(Powered by Conviva Social Insights)


Game Changer MVP Offers Unique In-Stadium Media for Australia’s KFC BBL

Game Changer MVP offers a wide variety of media production services to clients — and has seemingly brought fan engagement to a new level.

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Photo via BBL

(*Game Changer MVP is a proud partner of Front Office Sports)

Game Changer MVP offers a wide variety of media production services to clients all across the sports and entertainment spectrum. One of the many things it has built a strong reputation for over the years is animating graphics and games that fans see on the jumbotron at major sporting events.

For cricket fans in Australia, they can find a great example of this part of Game Changer MVP’s work in the KFC Big Bash League.

Game Changer MVP assisted the league and Cricket Australia in the development of the Big Bash Buddy smartphone app. In addition to distributing match day information and enabling fans to purchase tickets, a key feature of the app allows fans to play along with the games that play on the big screen during breaks in the action.

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Kim McConnie, Cricket Australia’s head of Big Bash Leagues, speaks to the convenience of this app and the opportunity to engage with fans directly through their mobile device.

“It’s been really good for us because it has helped us step beyond the physical engagement that you do at games because these games on the screen allow every single person in the stadium to participate. Everyone coming through that gate has a phone and being able to utilize that to our advantage is incredibly prevalent in sports today.”

Through the app, fans of the KFC BBL can participate in eight different games such as the Vodafone Tug of War and the OPPO Mascot Race.

For these types of games, fans can predict who they think will win the event or press a button in the app to help their team. In some cases, fans who are on the winning side will get a prize. Other games include trivia contests and a game where fans attempt to follow a ball placed under one of a series of helmets and fans pick which helmet they believe the ball is under through the app.

Through the incorporation of prizes, the teams in the league add an extra layer of fan engagement that also enables them to get sponsors involved.

“The prizes vary by club,” McConnie said. “Some give out food and beverage vouchers. For some, it’s cash prizes. Others are able to give out merchandise prizes that sponsors provide which is great for clubs looking to add an extra layer to their sponsorship packages.”

In the 2017-2018 season, the eight clubs in the KFC BBL averaged 26,531 fans per match. Some marketers would look at a crowd that size and say that engaging all of them at once is an impossible task. Through the utilization of Game Changer MVP’s technology, however, the league has found a way to do this.

“It’s a great technology that all the clubs in the league have really gotten behind because engaging every single fan who comes through the gate is a challenge, but through mobile, we are able to do that,” said McConnie.

For more on how Game Changer MVP is leading the charge in high-quality in-stadium media, visit its website here.

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How the Edmonton Oilers and SQWAD Are Pulling Off Unique In-Game Giveaways

Thanks to a new partnership, the Edmonton Oilers have developed a very inclusive, innovative way to increase engagement with fans who attend their games.

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Photo via SQWAD

(*SQWAD is a proud partner of Front Office Sports)

Last NHL season, the Edmonton Oilers averaged 18,347 fans per game at Rogers Place. Engaging all of those fans at once in a fun and meaningful way isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish. This season, however, they have been able to do so with the help of SQWAD.

Specifically, the Oilers have implemented SQWAD’s Mobile Scratchers activation. Through the team’s mobile app, each fan gets a digital scratch-off ticket that (if they are a winner) will reveal a prize when they swipe with their finger.

For Lindsey Gullett, Oilers event presentation manager, the activation made perfect sense for the organization.

“We got to talking to Nick Lawson in the offseason and saw some of the things they had to offer,” Gullett remembered. “The Mobile Scratchers game was exactly what we wanted. It’s a very inclusive, easy way to give prizes away to our fans. That format is something they’re familiar with from lottery tickets and whatnot. It’s just been a matter of integrating it into our regular game flow. We’ve been able to give away some great prizes thanks to our sponsors.”

Nick Lawson, founder and CEO of SQWAD, has taken notice of how successfully his company’s tech has been implemented by one of Canada’s biggest sports entities.

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“It’s always great to work with a team that is looking to push digital activation into their game day experience,” Lawson remarked. “The Oilers did an amazing job incorporating our Mobile Scratchers activation into their game authentically, while connecting fans to multiple sponsors. Overall, in-arena digital connection is becoming more and more important to brands and fans; Lindsey and the Oilers are on the forefront of adapting with their market.”

Companies that sponsor the Oilers often provide prizes for the giveaways as a way to further connect with the fans in Edmonton. Prizes given away include gift cards, jerseys, autographed memorabilia, and concert tickets for upcoming shows at Rogers Place. Every night provides a new opportunity to build the relationship between sponsors and fans.

Fan response to the game has been very positive, due in large part to the simplicity of the game. The backend of the system is also incredibly simple, which has made the experience even more enjoyable for the Oilers’ marketing team.

“It’s a simple piece of software to use. It’s very user-friendly on the backend,” Gullett remarked. “We can easily change the odds of the game, what kind of information fans need to play… There’s a variety of things we’re able to do that allow us to make sure that we’re finding our winners and that fans are getting their prizes. On top of that, they’re always making improvements to make it even easier for us to tweak things when we need to.”

Because of the Oilers’ ability to integrate sponsors into the games SQWAD has created, the marketing team has also been able to further solidify its own relationships with these companies. Since fans are so attracted to the game, it’s an easy sell for Gullet and company.

“It’s a reliable tool. We’re not having to recreate the wheel when sponsors want to do a giveaway. Our fans are going to it on their own. It’s allowed us to have this system in place that we can just run with, and our fans have responded well to it.”

After signing with SQWAD in September of 2018, the Oilers are enjoying the partnership and the opportunity that SQWAD gives them to engage with fans and sponsors in a whole new way.

“The research says that fans have their cell phone in one hand and a drink or food in the other at events. So how do you take advantage of that? We like to provide some interactive avenues for fans. We liked the scratch-and-win game because it’s unique. SQWAD was not only first to the table with that idea, but they’re executing it well.”

(*SQWAD is a proud partner of Front Office Sports)

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How Managers on a Mission Gave a Basketball Coach a Whole New Perspective

Most young people in the sports industry can attest that getting a career off the ground can be a stressful experience. MOAM has a remarkable remedy.

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Photo via MOAM

(*MOAM is a Proud Partner of Front Office Sports)

Since 2013, Managers on a Mission (MOAM) has been shaping the sports industry leaders of tomorrow with a host of Christian service-learning projects in the United States and across the world.

Every summer, founder Drew Boe still leads mission trips to locations like Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria, and Ghana, where he and a small group of students live and work in a community while building a connection with local young people through shared loves of sport and the gospel.

In the six years since MOAM’s inception, many alumni of these service-learning trips have gone on to fulfilling careers in sport. Several alumni stay heavily involved in the organization to pass on their experience to the next generation.

Over the next few months, we’ll be highlighting some of these MOAM alumni who are continuing to make a difference in the sports world. Today we start with Trevecca Nazarene University (TNU) assistant men’s basketball coach James Morrison.

A 2016 graduate of the University of South Carolina, Morrison came across a Twitter posting after his senior year asking for applicants for MOAM’s upcoming mission trip. Initially apprehensive because of the time commitment and doubts about his own resume, Morrison held off applying.

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“Before the trip, I wasn’t incredibly strong in my faith,” Morrison said. “I’ve always been a Christian, but I didn’t feel that I was living the Christian life. I knew these other girls or guys in the program were straight-A students who were just so strong in the faith that they were on fire for the Lord. I just didn’t see myself as that just yet.”

The following year, however, Morrison continued to hear glowing recommendations about MOAM from past participants, and decided to apply. In the summer of 2018, Morrison joined MOAM’s mission trip to Uganda. Morrison and four other others spent three weeks in a small village teaching local children to play sports like basketball, volleyball, and American football while also leading them in daily worship. To this day, Morrison describes the experience as the best three weeks of his life.

“Seeing the smiling faces of those kids, so full of joy every day, helped me see how amazing God truly is,” he remembered. “When we would teach them a new game, they were so happy. It was like they were visiting Disney World for the first time.”

Morrison also adds that the experience energized him throughout the day thanks to the joy MOAM brought to the village through the power of sport.

“I was a big coffee drinker before the trip. During the trip, though, I would wake up around six in the morning and didn’t go to bed until midnight and I was just full of energy all day without coffee.”

Most young people in the sports industry can attest that getting a career off the ground can be a stressful experience. After experiencing the mission trip, however, Morrison has a new perspective on his career and his faith that has helped him take good first steps as a college basketball coach. After working as an assistant coach at Huntingdon College for just over a year, Morrison has been on staff at Trevecca Nazarene University for the last six months.

“Before this trip,” Morrison said, “something I usually struggled with was anxiety — worrying about the next job, or the next relationship or where I am going to be in a year or two. The experience with MOAM allowed me to let some pressure off myself because I know God has a plan and I just need to listen to him.”

Working with the children in Uganda and understanding their lives has helped Morrison gain a better understanding of life’s bigger picture.

“At previous jobs, little things would upset me because I looked at it from a selfish perspective. I used to struggle sometimes with checking myself and wondering whether or not I’m doing the right things. MOAM helped me reevaluate myself a little bit. These kids in Uganda were willing to do what they needed to do to survive and were very happy the majority of the time — and their situation is way worse than mine. The whole thing helped me realize that I need to be willing to do whatever, whenever, because I know there’s a purpose behind it all.”

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Overall, Morrison firmly believes that taking part in MOAM and the trip to Uganda made him a better basketball coach and a better leader.

“I used to only worry about wins and losses. Now I’m more focused on our culture and guy’s mentality first. Obviously, I want to win, but I think I’ve gotten much better at keeping things in perspective.”

Even with a busy schedule leading the TNU Trojans on the court, Morrison still stays active with MOAM and the organization’s leadership team. In addition to attending conferences and speaking about his experience with MOAM, Morrison plans to lead a mission trip of his own with MOAM sometime during the summer of 2019.

Applications for the 2019 summer mission trip are due by March 1. For any aspiring athletics professionals also looking to grow in their Christian faith, alumni like Morrison cannot recommend the experience enough.

“Applying for MOAM was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. I can’t think of anything close. God has some special plans for the future of this organization.”

Applications for the 2019 summer mission trip can be submitted here. Potential applicants should contact MOAM Director of Discipleship Seth Ralston at with any further questions.

(*MOAM is a Proud Partner of Front Office Sports)

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