The Great Eight At The Great Wall: Ovechkin Trip Aids NHL’s China Push

As Alex Ovechkin’s flight arrived at the airport early this month, there were already scores of kids wearing his #8 Washington Capitals jersey just waiting to catch a glimpse of one of the NHL’s top goal scorers of all time. But the airport wasn’t Washington Dulles or Reagan National Airport; rather it was Beijing Capital International Airport, where Ovechkin was traveling to serve as an ambassador for the league in China, the first time that an active NHL player has […]

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Shot Callers: Adi Kunalic, Co-Founder, opendorse

(opendorse is a proud partner of Front Office Sports) The rise of social media has allowed athletes to tell their own stories and build their personal brands as well as that of their team or league. For years, however, access to high quality content captured by the team or league was limited for the athletes. Thanks to tools like opendorse, founded by Adi Kunalic and Blake Lawrence in 2012, the process is now much more streamlined. Kunalic sat down with […]

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Shot Callers: Mike Greenberg, Host, ESPN

Mike Greenberg, who many sports fans will remember as the co-host of ESPN Radio’s “Mike & Mike”, has hosted ESPN’s “Get Up!” since the show’s beginning in early 2018. The show has seen success in its first year and recently became a key part of ESPN’s coverage of yet another exciting NBA free agency period. Greenberg recently sat down Front Office Sports’ Michael McCarthy to discuss the initial success of “Get Up!”, covering NBA free agency, and lessons from nearly […]

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Shot Callers: Mark Mastalir, Co-CEO of Halo Neuroscience

(Sports Tech Tokyo is a proud partner of Front Office Sports) As humanity’s collective knowledge of the human body continues to evolve, consumers are understanding more and more the importance of a healthy brain in order to become a better athlete. Because of this, they are willing to purchase products that can improve their neurological health right in the comfort of their homes. Mark Mastalir is the Co-CEO and Chief Marketing Officer of Halo Neuroscience: a neurotechnology company focused on human […]

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