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STN Digital Turns Up the Heat on Social Media

The San Diego-based agency has been able to help companies like the NBA and Twitter capitalize on major social moments across different platforms.

Greg Esposito



You may not know STN Digital by name, but you’ve probably seen their work and liked what you saw.

That’s because the group has partnered with over 25 sports and entertainment groups to create social media content that isn’t your typical fare — and, even better, do it as fast and efficiently as possible.

“My line has always been ‘anything that can go on social media, we can do,’” said Kris Koivisto, STN Digital senior director of accounts. “Our biggest goal is to take as much off our clients’ plates as possible. All they have to do is call us, give us a couple minutes worth of information, and the next time we talk we’re presenting full page of ideas, mock-ups, pricing options, incremental options, etc. We all love sports and entertainment, and we’re all super competitive. It’s fun to have these projects where we’re embedded shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the biggest brands in the industry and we’re fighting to be the best.”

Two of the biggest brands that Koivisto and crew have partnered with recently are the NBA and Twitter. The company was tasked with helping create amazing social vignettes for both the NBA Awards Show in Los Angeles and the NBA Draft in Brooklyn. Regardless of which coast they were on, they helped develop one-of-a-kind, behind-the-scenes content — the kind of original content that fans crave these days.

“We’ve been fortunate to have worked with Twitter and the NBA on a handful of projects in the past, so there was some existing synergy,” Koivisto said. “I believe this was our seventh project with Twitter since I’ve been here, and the third collaboration with the NBA and Twitter.”

That familiarity meant that the league and the social media giant knew that STN could execute on a tight deadline. How tight? The group had a few months to go from concept to completion for the awards show and just a few weeks to do the same for the draft. Despite the short time frame, the team was able to deliver.

“With these two events, there were two parts of the visual: the set design and the final output of the creative. In our initial conversations, we lay out multiple options of vastly different looks — all with the same overarching vibe,” Koivisto said. “More often than not, the vibe corresponds with the city or the event (New York was gritty/raw introduction to #NBATwitter, while L.A. was outdoor/awards glam with a nod to Venice street ball).

Typically we land on a combination of two or more concepts for the initial look. From there, almost every decision is budget-driven. From the materials of the set build, renting equipment (if needed), sourcing vendors, etc.”

Once the logistics are in place it’s time to move on to the actual production of the content. What will only be just a little over six seconds of video will actually take upwards of two minutes to shoot with the athlete at the station and another 20 minutes to edit with quick cuts synced to music, render and send to the NBA/Twitter to post.

“Anything that you put on social needs to be different from what has been done in the past and what other people are currently doing,” Koivisto said of their approach to social content. “Otherwise you’re just gonna blend in with the crowd. The great Wayne Gretzky was quoted saying he always tries to skate where the puck is going, not where it currently is. Different is better than better, so we love working with partners that are tired of the status quo and looking to make some noise.”

The only way to make something truly different and make enough noise to rise above the rest is to get the buy-in of the players and legends taking part. That’s where Koivisto’s years in the NBA as one of the pioneers of social media with the Portland Trail Blazers comes in handy. In his time with the team, he learned the art of making people comfortable in what is many times an unnatural situation. One where a phone, multiple cameras or a microphone are pointed in an individual’s face while they are asked to pose or interact.

“The way the cadence of the draft was structured, the players and their families didn’t have a chance to see each other before they got to our stop,” Koivisto reminisced. “It was cool to see all of the authentic reactions. If I ever needed to liven up the group I’d throw out, ‘Hey, you made it! You’re all in the NBA family now!’ Trae Young and Mikal Bridges’ families couldn’t help but show some pretty raw emotions.

I was very surprised by how engaged DeAndre Ayton and Marvin Bagley III were. I figured the first two picks would probably be the hardest to work with, but it was quite the opposite. Jaren Jackson Jr. was admittedly all over the place, saying ‘this is surreal man, I’m sorry if I’m not paying attention to anything you say.’ It was cool to see his dad’s I’m-so-proud-of-you-son smile on his face.”

While the draft was all about interacting with and herding college kids who just had their dreams come true, the NBA Awards was all about getting cooperation from some of the biggest names in the game.

“In LA, some of the best interactions came from CP3, whom I’d never interacted with before,” Koivisto said. “He was very attentive, didn’t need many cues and was respectful. As a Blazer fan, I hate him a little bit less now. When Donovan Mitchell walked up I kicked off the convo with a hypeman-esque, ‘Is that future rookie of the year Donovan Mitchell?’ … 10 minutes later when Ben Simmons came through, I hit him with the exact same line.

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Reggie Miller and Kenny Smith stood there and heckled everyone as they cycled through for about 20 minutes. When it came time to do the activations themselves, Reggie handed me his phone and asked me to take a ton of pictures.”

Big events for teams and leagues are tough to cover; they are pure chaos as athletes are hustled from one station to the next like contestants on Nickelodeon’s “Super Sloppy Double Dare” trying to finish the obstacle course.

It’s difficult to get any content, let alone the truly compelling kind. As the NBA Draft and Awards Show proved, STN Digital has found a way to do just that.

Proud husband & father to a young daughter. Student of social media & #SMSports. Social and Digital Media Columnist For Front Office Sports and host of the podcast The Solar Panel. Former Senior Digital Manager and voice of the Phoenix Suns social media channels.

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Bleacher Report’s New Revenue Streams Showcase Publishers Capabilities Beyond Its Digital Walls

After a successful 2018, Bleacher Report has plans to continue to leverage the power of its platform to drive revenue in unique ways.

Adam White



Bleacher Report - Revenue - Sports

Like many publishers in today’s media landscape, events have become a key way for Bleacher Report to create additional monetization opportunities for partners, as well as new ways to bring a brand that is inherently digital, into the physical world.

Hosting six events in 2018, the strategy behind the events was finding ways to capitalize on the biggest sports moments of the year.

Their latest event, while somewhat in the “pop-up” side of things, is an opportunity for fans as well as influencers to connect in real life over their love of Kicks.

Finding success with the events they hosted in 2018, Ed Romaine, B/R’s Chief Brand Officer, sees events going forward for the publisher falling into two separate categories: editorial driven and partner-driven.

Their last event of the year, B/R Kicks x The Drop Up, is an example of what an editorial-driven event for the brand looks like.

Spun out of the event, B/R will launch “The Pre Heat” and “Sneaker Shock,” two new content editorial franchises that will be connected to this celebration with seamless values of giving fans experiences that they normally wouldn’t get the opportunity to get their hands on.

“Our tentpole franchise events like this will remain in 2019, but I think you will see us do more advertiser-driven events that are based on in-store retail opportunities,” said Romaine.

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Executing opportunities like this are what Romaine credits to B/R being able to see revenue growth up over 44 percent year over year. It’s also part of how media companies like B/R are finding ways to diversify their revenue in an age of digital ad dollars being dominated by the likes of Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

“All content providers now are tasked with being a solution center for people who invest in them. Whether it is through media agencies or through client direct buys. Being a 360-degree solution for partners like Levi’s has helped us win business that we probably wouldn’t have been able to win.”

What exactly did B/R do this year to grow its revenue in new ways outside of events? Romaine points to multiple key initiatives, including thought-leadership capabilities and a newly established influencer marketing platform called “B/R Squad.”

Through the thought leadership platform, B/R has worked with different companies and brands in the industry build custom solutions to pressing research or industry questions that they are having trouble answering.

All of the new initiatives come down to one thing according to Romaine: staying competitive.

“I think if any content provider wants to be competitive, then they need to have a comprehensive set of solutions that they have in the marketplace that people can tap into.”

BR Kicks - Bleacher Report - Sports - Revenue

With the “Drop Up” and events like it going into the future, Romaine is most excited about B/R being able to build out opportunities that focus more on cultural moments and not just sports moments.

“I’m excited about the ‘Drop Up’ because it’s the second time that we’ve expanded beyond just the sports moment and started focusing in on the journalistic culture moments that we’re creating throughout the calendar year. Where you’ll see an evolution from us or where you’ll see a more comprehensive set of events will actually come more from the editorial vision that we continue to dig into.”

While being a media company in 2018 has its challenges, B/R is an example of what can happen when you are able to leverage the attention that you have on your brand.

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How College Football Teams Celebrate Bowl Eligibility on Social Media

Vanderbilt, Wake Forest and FIU offered a handful of examples on how social media departments can capitalize when their football teams become bowl eligible.



bowl - college football - football - bowl eligibility

Vanderbilt celebrated their bowl eligibility with a slick graphic. (Image via Vanderbilt)

At the start of every college football season, one of the main goals of most FBS teams is to reach a bowl game. These high-stakes events are not only a chance for the program to accrue more revenue, but players get one more chance to compete on the field while fans have one more opportunity to see their team before preparations for the new season begin.

In many cases, the excitement from a team qualifying for such a game can provide inspiration for great graphics and social content. Teams like the Vanderbilt Commodores all over the nation churned out striking posts on Twitter celebrating that all-important sixth victory that qualifies teams for bowl eligibility.

That win kicked off a host of festivities centered around the Commodores getting to a bowl, which, in turn, provided the digital team with even more chances to make content.

While reaching bowl-eligible status is an achievement that on its own is worth celebrating for many teams, some programs have the opportunity to celebrate a streak of consecutive years achieving this milestone.

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Wake Forest, for example, celebrated its team reaching bowl eligibility for three straight seasons. This was just the second time in school history that the Demon Deacons were able to do this.

Assistant Director of Athletic Communications Dan Wallace explained the specific design elements and parts of the school’s expansive style guide (which recently underwent a rebrand) that went into creating these graphics.

“The black and white was something that we’ve been using for a lot of the score graphics this season. For a couple of years, we really put a lot of emphasis on using the black backgrounds; so this year, we went with the white backgrounds instead. Now, you look at the content going out on our social media accounts all year and you will see a very similar theme. From there, we try to use certain elements that can make each one unique, but still you can recognize that it’s a Wake Forest graphic when it comes out.”

The Demon Deacons now know that they will face the Memphis Tigers in the Birmingham Bowl on December 22.

In the final weekend of the season, many teams learn their fate in terms of going to a bowl game or not. Some programs, however, learned specifically which event they would be attending immediately following the game. This was the case with the Florida International University Panthers, who discovered they would be heading south for the Bahamas Bowl.

FIU Athletics Director of Marketing Scott Yogodzinski explained the thought process behind the design of the announcement posts for the Panthers’ bowl game on December 21 against Toledo.

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“We wanted to make it look bright and tropical-looking. We’re in Miami — already somewhat of a tropical climate anyway — but we just wanted to push that this is a reward for our team. We have eight wins this year for the second year in a row and just the third time in the program’s history. This bowl is a reward for achieving that.”

Through these specific examples, it’s clear that bowl games can provide a university’s social media department plenty of extra opportunities to drive brand awareness and showcase immense creativity.

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MLB Network Completing the Cycle Towards Opening Day With Winter Meetings

Baseball’s iconic network continues to roll out fresh content throughout the off season starting with the annual Winter Meetings



Baseball - MLB - Winter Meetings

There truly is no offseason in the sports world.

For Major League Baseball, the offseason is a chance to fine-tune rosters, revamp on-field protocol, and solidify new strategies and areas of focus heading into the next season. No event plays a bigger role in this than the Baseball Winter Meetings.

Held in Las Vegas from December 9-13, the 2018 Baseball Winter Meetings provide an opportunity for club managers and general managers from throughout the league to congregate. Player signings, potential trade deals, and shuffling young prospects through the farm system are all topics for discussion.

Former Colorado Rockies general manager and current MLB Network studio analyst Dan O’Dowd has leaned on his former experience in the majors when talking to current team officials. He noted that there is a certain energy to the Winter Meetings that makes it a distinct event from the rest of the offseason.

“It is the one time a year where the baseball cycle doesn’t stop for an entire week,” said O’Dowd. “Everybody in the game gathers under one roof to talk baseball.”

With teams sending their lineups of general managers and roster decision-makers to the meetings, the goal of the Winter Meetings is to help ensure that each team’s roster takes shape. Agents, on behalf of individual players, meet with team executives as contracts are negotiated and terms are discussed.

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“Clubs talk amongst each other but there is a bit of competitive tension,” said O’Dowd. “Every club has suites within the hotel where they talk strategy and meet with agents. With personnel sometimes traveling from one side of the hotel to another to meet with various representatives and clubs, it is usually a flurry of activity.”

In today’s social media landscape, news is breaking at a record pace, ultimately allowing MLB Network to share that news to the baseball world.

“For general managers, it is very difficult to contain their plans regarding free agents and trades,” said O’Dowd. “It is more about controlling the outcome as it will find its way into the media one way or another. Everyone is looking for news.”

Due to the amount of breaking news and storylines to keep fans updated on, MLB Network utilizes a full crew and new show segments to keep the public engaged. With over 45 hours of live, on-site programming from the beginning of the Winter Meetings to the end, there is plenty of content for fans to digest.

From live coverage provided by Ken Rosenthal and Tom Verducci amongst others, to interviews with managers and insight into club strategy with O’Dowd, Dan Plesac, and the rest of the MLB Network crew, there is no shortage of communication and planning that goes into the day-to-day operations for the media outlet.

“Our team is excited to get to Las Vegas to cover the Winter Meetings,” said Dave Patterson, SVP, MLB Network Production. “The adrenaline of our analysts and production staff will be pumping for four straight days because the next big transaction could come at any time from any club. We’ll be on our toes and ready to change direction at a moment’s notice.”

What’s new this year? Coverage of the Winter Meetings across all of MLB’s media platforms will be presented by the advisory, assurance and tax firm CohnReznick. As part of the collaboration, MLB Network will produce a new series, “Business of Baseball.”

The series will go in-depth within the issues that surround clubs both on and off the field. The first episode of the series will begin on Saturday, December 8 at 8:00 p.m. ET and feature general managers Alex Anthopoulos (Atlanta Braves), Rick Hahn (Chicago White Sox), Dayton Moore (Kansas City Royals), and Mike Rizzo (Washington Nationals) whilst being moderated by O’Dowd and MLB Network host Brian Kenny.

“During filming, there was such authentic communication amongst the managers,” said O’Dowd. “Those guys were so transparent with their thoughts when we were discussing topics that were not easy to be so vocal about. We talked for over two and a half hours discussing everything from analytics to general manager/club manager relationships.”

MLB Network’s content doesn’t stop after the Winter Meetings either. Directly after the conclusion of the meetings, MLB Network Presents will roll out with its latest program, “Eck: A Story of Saving.” Hosted by Bob Costas, the original series, which launched in January 2015, covers some of the most iconic moments and players of baseball from MLB Network’s own unique lens.

Weekday programming staples such as “Hot Stove,” “High Heat with Christopher Russo,” “MLB Now,” “Intentional Talk,” and “MLB Tonight” will continue to provide expert analysis and captivating debates throughout the offseason.

And with the start of the new year marking MLB Network’s 10-year anniversary since its debut, content will reflect the best of what the network has to offer. The “Top 10 Right Now!” series returns for its ninth season after the new year. The series, which ranks the top MLB players at each position, will be followed by the six-part series “Top 100 Players Right Now!” which reveals the pecking order of the best players in the game.

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While there will be plenty of discussion highlighting today’s elite players, MLB Network will also take time to honor baseball’s greats as it announces the results of the 2019 National Baseball Hall of Fame ballot on Tuesday, January 22. The network will also air the first interviews with the new electees. This will transition into the start of spring training and the beginning of another edition of regular-season coverage.

MLB Network certainly keeps busy throughout the year; highlighting the build-up towards the playoffs and breaking down highlights throughout the postseason and World Series are staples of its programming. Yet, the network has continued to keep fans informed of offseason headlines, roster reshuffling, and new content to surely fill the craving as we look towards Opening Day.

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