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Digital, Social Media Talent Adjusting To Work From Home

  • In sports, rarely do the digital and social media workers have time to work from home. Nowadays, that is far from the truth.
  • With the gradual sports of return to sports, many in digital and social media are wondering what the future of remote work entails.

Most of the time, when someone works in sports, they are either in the office or on the road. Working remotely or at home was almost always impossible for two reasons: the industry’s round-the-clock nature and its unwillingness to take those options seriously. Now more than ever, industry workers worldwide have been mainly continuing their work duties from home – but this is not everyone’s first foray into remote working.  At one time, Mark Fine had worked for the Harlem […]

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Sports Speak Up

  • This article was first published in the FOS Daily Newsletter. Subscribe here.
  • As society reacted to the death of George Floyd, the sports industry weighed in.

The United States was swept by protests and outrage this weekend following the death of George Floyd while in police custody last Monday, sparking a reaction from the sports world as well. In response, leagues, teams, and athletes shared messages of unity, understanding, and frustration. Here are a select few: – While many athletes referenced Colin Kaepernick’s protest against police brutality, the NFL issued a statement offering condolences to Floyd’s family and stating its willingness to “address these systemic issues […]

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76ers Focus On Youth, Female Fans During Pandemic

  • Chief Marketing Officer Katie O’Reilly says ‘the real sweet spot is with youth.’
  • O’Reilly’s team busy during quarantine with Kids Club videos, virtual summits, and Mother’s Day marketing.

Social media has been a marketing lifeline for sports teams during the coronavirus pandemic.  Without live games, teams like the Philadelphia 76ers have no product to sell, televise, or advertise. They’ve had to rely mostly on fans’ connection to the team and players.  Luckily, the 76ers boast young, 20-something stars like Ben Simmons, Joel Embid, and Matisse Thybulle who are as enthusiastic about social media as the club’s Gen Z fans, according to Chief Marketing Officer Katie O’Reilly.  The 76ers […]

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NASCAR Boosts At-Home Fan Experience On Facebook

  • With NASCAR’s return to empty racetracks, it is leaning more into technology to reach fans at home.
  • It has partnered with Facebook to launch Venue, a mobile app that aims to improve the second-screen experience for those watching live events.

Even without fans at races right now, NASCAR is making sure it provides them a quality experience – from their cellphones. The governing body is partnering with Facebook around the launch of the tech company’s new mobile app, Venue. Venue, which will be available on both iOS and Android, will look to improve the second-screen experience for fans watching sports at home. NASCAR, which will be the first sports partner with Facebook around the app, will utilize it to bring […]

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Sports Leagues Helping Fans Escape Through TikTok

  • With few live sports events going on, the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB are each using TikTok to distract fans from their uncertain realities.
  • An emphasis on challenge-driven content has helped entertain the Big Four leagues’ fans as they await the return of live sports.

Even without content from live action, sports leagues have focused on the accessibility and interaction of their social media platforms, especially TikTok. Those have been the driving principles for MLB as the league awaits the start of its season, according to Barbara McHugh, its senior vice president of marketing. “We do focus on trying to follow, comment on, and like our followers’ post as much as we can – when of course, when it makes sense,” she said. “Even for […]

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World’s Strongest Man Flexes Digital Muscle With New Snapchat Show

  • Although their relationship dates back to 2015, Snapchat and World's Strongest Man have made their most significant move.
  • Ahead of November’s 2020 competition, World’s Strongest Man has launched its first Snapchat show, World’s Strongest Man: Home Edition.

World’s Strongest Man has launched a new show on Snapchat as the Endeavor-owned property is looking to shine a new light on its athletes. The series, called World’s Strongest Man: Home Edition, features eight of the world’s most popular strongmen competing in two rounds of unusual strength obstacles. Each match-up will include a determined strength move – like deadlifts and overhead presses – which competitors are asked to compete with creative, at-home items. “World’s Strongest Man: Home Edition is about […]

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It’s Time to Take TikTok Measurement Seriously

  • TikTok is now an essential part of an organization's digital strategy
  • Conviva drastically cuts time needed to gather TikTok data analytics

(Conviva is a proud partner of Front Office Sports) TikTok has grown up fairly quickly. It went from a fringe social network used by tweens to a must-have for every professional sports team and organization. As of now, more than 75% of the sports teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and MLS have accounts and are already putting up serious numbers.  Now, as the platform hits 2 billion downloads, it’s clear that things are beginning to change. What was […]

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College Football Teams Keeping Tailgates Alive Online

  • While spring football might be on hold, some programs have turned to technology to keep the party alive for fans.
  • Teams like Penn State and Texas have hosted their own virtual tailgate parties for fans at home to participate in.

While there are plenty of activities synonymous with college football, there are none perhaps more unifying than tailgating. For decades, Saturday mornings across the country’s college campuses have meant games, grilling, and interaction with fellow fans before kickoff. Since mid-March, college sports have been put on pause due to the coronavirus pandemic. But to ensure the tailgate tradition continues, college football programs are taking it upon themselves to host virtual, social-distanced styled events. Penn State held its 2020 Blue-White Virtual […]

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Noah Rubin’s Behind The Racquet Shines Spotlight On Tennis Stars

  • With Behind The Racquet, ATP player Noah Rubin is looking to bring out a more vulnerable side of his peers for tennis fans to appreciate.
  • The one-time Instagram account has expanded to a podcast and clothing line as Rubin seeks to grow his personal interviewing style with stars in other sports.

Rising up the ranks of professional tennis, Noah Rubin started to see many of the sport’s underlying problems, from players struggling to connect with fans to the stigmas surrounding mental health awareness. For one, the 24-year-old American who has ranked as high as number 125 in the world, felt that there was an opportunity to highlight another side of players and help tell their personal stories beyond tennis. After returning home to Long Island from the 2019 Australian Open, Rubin […]

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College Teams And Sponsors Push Digital To Grow Without Sports

  • With the coronavirus pandemic wiping out the remainder of the college athletics season, teams and sponsors are turning to digital and social media to fill any void.
  • College sports programs like Navy, Penn State, and Texas are using everything from virtual tailgates to #WallpaperWednesday to work with its sponsors.

Many aspects of the sports industry are struggling to adjust to the wave of cancellations and postponements caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Since mid-March, with few marquee events, sponsorship departments across the globe have had to be creative with how – and where – to reallocate their funds.  Since no college sports are going on right now, Navy is working with its sponsors to fulfill contractual obligations through its social media presence.  Recent social media posts have seen Navy incorporate […]

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