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AI Powered Concessions

AI-Powered Concession Stands Full Speed Ahead At Sport Venues

Whether it’s to ease the strain of labor issues, increase consistent quality or save valuable time so fans can find their way back to their seats for game action, AI-powered and robotic concession stands are popping up across U.S. sports venues – with more expected to come in the future. “We’re continuing to explore opportunities in our client and partner venues,” said Carl Mittleman, president of Aramark Sports & Entertainment. “Management teams are clamoring for more units, but we’re not […]

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Shot Callers: Don White, CEO, Satisfi Labs

(Citrin Cooperman is a proud partner of Front Office Sports) Artificial intelligence has ushered in a new age in college and professional sports. Thanks to technology like chat bots, organizations can be much more efficient with their manpower in serving the needs of fans before, during, and after games. FOS Editor Ian Thomas sits down with Don White of Satisfi Labs to discuss the importance of understanding fan behavior and how artificial intelligence helps teams throughout professional sports do just […]

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Now Evaluating NFL Player Contracts? AI

NFL teams pay players a premium to maximize their on-field performance. Now, clubs will be given a new tool to assess how they’re using their resources – in the front-office. Pro Football Focus, a website and data company that provides in-depth, analytical analysis regarding NFL and college football teams, announced that the NFL will start using its newly-created artificial intelligence system that can assess player contract salaries. PFF has contracts with all 32 of the league’s teams. Going forward, NFL […]

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Leagues Continuing to Appreciate, Embrace AI

In 2019, it is impossible to avoid the ever-growing presence of artificial intelligence – in the workforce. In the media. And last, but certainly not least, sports. From professional baseball to the NBA to the NFL, three of America’s most prominent sports have made their interests in AI abundantly clear. Instead of shying away from the conversation, the trio are making deeper investments into a space where the future ramifications are still too unclear to predict. While professional sports push […]

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AI and Its Role in the Future of Sponsorship Valuations

The technology could end up saving companies time and money. The importance of getting sponsorship valuations right is critical. (Image via This is a follow up to my original piece about sponsorship valuations, where I highlighted GumGum’s role in changing the sponsorship marketplace. My piece a few weeks ago touched upon a future where agencies would have a shrinking role in sponsorship valuations. One thing that I failed to mention was that this would not necessary apply on a wide […]

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