How Miami’s UOnline Program Helped a Lawyer Expand His Horizons

(*UOnline is a proud partner of Front Office Sports) For people who begin their professional lives outside of the sports industry, transitioning into that world isn’t always easy. Fortunately, arming oneself with the right skills and industry knowledge can make it attainable. Front Office Sports is proud to share the stories of UOnline alumni who have elevated their sports career by earning a graduate degree through the school’s online MSED in Sport Administration program. Kevin O’Keefe earned a Master of […]

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From Cold-Calling to Shot-Calling

AudienceView’s Connor Kruggel talks about his career path, the future of fan experience, and more. Connor Kruggel knows how to close. As an eager sports marketing student at the University of Indiana, Kruggel would sell himself to industry professionals that would cycle through the program with the hopes of landing internships and resume-building jobs that would separate him from his peers. “I got involved in as many internships as possible while in school,” Kruggel reflects. “Indiana always encouraged real-world experience and […]

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A Look Into Who’s Leading America’s Biggest Athletic Departments

The background of some of the most powerful people in collegiate athletics might surprise you. The leaders of the industry have a diverse background of previous experience. ( College sports is a huge, rapidly expanding industry. Whether it be a high-stakes March Madness game or a pre-season field hockey exhibition, student-athletes come to play. I’ve always loved that energy. In fact, that energy is what has inspired me to pursue a career working in a college athletic department. Athletic departments consist […]

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How Should We Think About Jobs in Sports

Working in the industry comes with its fare share of sacrifices. Are the sacrifices worth it? (Photo via For a long time, working in sports has meant taking a necessary pay cut. Sports Management Degree Guide writes that students should expect $35,000-$42,000 out of university. This page was written in 2013, when the average salary for any college grad was $45,000 — meaning that even in the best case, students would take a 7% discount for the privilege to work in […]

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