Minor League Teams Seek Employee Solutions to Avoid Layoffs

  • Teams like the Round Rock Express and Pensacola Blue Wahoos are keeping kitchens full with meal plans and takeout food.
  • In Modesto, California, the Nuts are loaning gameday staff to grocery store sponsors.

As many sports organizations have faced the question of what to do with employees during the sports industry’s hiatus, several minor league baseball clubs are getting innovative. Near Austin, Texas, the Round Rock Express have transitioned from selling tickets to selling family meal boxes. “Like everyone else, we’re trying to cut expenses that aren’t essential or necessary, and it’s been really encouraging,” J.J. Gottsch, COO of Ryan Sanders Sports & Entertainment, which owns the Express, said. Building off an idea […]

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Fitness Industry Pushed Into Changes as Companies of All Sizes Scramble

  • Almost all of the 2,600 YMCA’s across the country are closed, but members who can afford to are being asked to continue to pay membership fees to support YMCA community work.
  • “There’s no business model in the world that works when you don’t have money coming in, and you still have money going out,” Spartan CEO said.

Without open doors to welcome customers, gyms, training centers, boutique studios and brands within the fitness industry have undergone major changes and have had to adapt their business models. While some within the space were able to quickly pivot to find new profit streams and others may be big enough to survive the temporary closures as is. Others, including small studios and boutique offerings, are struggling to generate cash altogether.  The industry’s first response came from a host of streaming […]

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Friday Five: R/GA’s Kyle Bunch

  • Bunch leads R/GA Ventures’ sports innovation partnerships with properties like adidas, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Fox Sports, Levy Restaurants, MLB, MLS, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and UEFA.
  • "It’s a totally different landscape - it is that moment when the cable goes out for a day, and you pick up that old comic book, and all of a sudden, even when the cable is back, you say I’m going to keep reading this," he said.

As vice president and managing director of the Global Sports Venture Studio at R/GA Ventures, Kyle Bunch is tasked with helping partners like Adidas, MLB, MLS, and the Los Angeles Dodgers find new ways to improve the future of the athlete and fan experience through technology and innovation. However, there has been no moment in the history of the modern sports business that has made it harder to predict what that future looks like due to the complete shuttering of […]

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MaxOne’s SmartCoachAi Gives Athletes An On-Demand Digital Trainer at Home

  • M1 SmartCoach has seen a 1000% increase in downloads and has skyrocketed to a top 20 app on the app stores.
  • The M1 SmartCoach is the first on-demand digital trainer that combines personal data and proven training concepts empowering athletes to get better.

(MaxOne is a proud partner of Front Office Sports) Basketball athletes who want to take their game to the next level are always seeking out the latest and greatest tool, or a coach that can help them reach that goal. In 2020, both of these things can be found within a smartphone. For many athletes, the season was cut short and training has been put on hold. While this may spell trouble for those seeking to get better at their […]

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Overtime Looks To Shine Spotlight On Young Athletes Who Lost Sports

  • Cancellation of sports nationwide inspires Overtime to create #WhosNXT hashtag for athletes whose seasons were put on hold.
  • Engagement on #WhosNXT posts is 55% higher than the 2020 US Sports Media average for IG videos.
  • Overtime execs have pivoted to map out three months of planned programming.

Overtime has built its business connecting directly with athletes, especially rising young stars who haven’t yet gone pro, by sharing their stories and video clips. So as the entire sporting world took a collective pause amid the coronavirus outbreak, Overtime CEO Dan Porter and his staff began to hear a similar story from those who have played their last game or lost a chance to compete for a championship. “We all just got together on the content and the community […]

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Topgolf Hangs on to Sponsors and Pushes Simulator Game While Awaiting Return

  • The World Golf Tour game has witnessed a 30% growth in engagement week-over-week.
  • Sponsors remain supportive, as TopGolf works to push advertisers towards digital assets.

The coronavirus pandemic forced Topgolf to shutter all brick-and-mortar locations around the world in March.  The decision was an obvious one, YuChiang Cheng, Topgolf Media’s president, said. Like most businesses, Topgolf is now waiting for the green light from local governments to reopen when the time is right.  “We really wanted to do our part,” Cheng said. “I think what’s unique about Topgolf is that it’s a partial outdoor activity, and we do allow for a lot of space in […]

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Without Basketball, Rockets Develop Content Plan With Heavy Fan Input

  • Rockets aim to give fans a sense of normalcy on their social media accounts.
  • Team has revived their #FanArtFriday campaign in effort to stay engaged with its supporters.

Steven Goldfried knows that these are not normal times. Since the NBA temporarily suspended its season on March 12, he has tried to make the abnormal appear anything but. “That’s very hard to do because there aren’t games being played,” Goldfried, the Houston Rockets’ director of digital content strategy, said. “These are not normal times, but if we can give them something that is a little bit comforting in terms of basketball content, then that’s what we’re going to try […]

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Golden Knights President Draws on Lockout Experience For Season Restart

  • Team President Kerry Bubolz was Cleveland Cavaliers COO during the last NBA lockout and is applying lessons from the experience.
  • Golden Knights are rolling out a wide array of content to keep fans engaged, from a fitness challenge to a book club.

Vegas Golden Knights President Kerry Bubolz will be ready to sprint when the NHL season restarts – whenever that might be. With the NHL season on hiatus indefinitely as the nation works to get the coronavirus outbreak under control, Bubolz has his team preparing for every scenario. FOS REPORT: 54.5% of industry executives believe that it would be at least 60 days before leagues resume play. Bubolz said that while dealing with a health crisis on top of the stoppage […]

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Season Ticket Renewal Extensions Likely Preserving Team Brands

  • In tight economic conditions, teams are extending leniency to season ticket holders to protect important relationships.
  • Sports, one of the first industries to be hit, could be a pillar for other industries to look at as they come back.

At the height of the season ticket renewal season, teams will need to navigate choppy waters during the coronavirus outbreak. Ticket experts warn if the situation isn’t dealt with carefully, it could be a brand-damaging situation.  FOS REPORT: 54.5% of industry executives believe that it would be at least 60 days before leagues resume play. With the economy reeling in the wake of coronavirus shutdowns, a focus on retaining season ticket holders with a flexible approach will be important, Aaron […]

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NBA Aims to Lead Leagues With Unified Response To Coronavirus

  • The league’s public service announcements have generated more than 46 million video views.
  • “NBA Together” campaign aims to engage and educate fans and the general public about the coronavirus response.

When the NBA postponed its season on March 11, it set off a domino effect of other sporting leagues and events doing the same. The league is now trying to maintain that leadership position in leading the response from the sports industry through the coronavirus outbreak. FOS REPORT: 54.5% of industry executives believe that it would be at least 60 days before leagues resume play. With several players diagnosed with COVID-19, the NBA has pulled together more than 20 public […]

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