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Friday Five: Yahoo Sports’ Geoff Reiss On Leaning Into The NFL & Fantasy Football

  • The Yahoo Sports app garnered a 74% increase year-over-year in unique viewers through week 17 of the NFL season thanks to a host of new football related features.
  • "Our industry continues to see evolution and growth, and we're excited to be at the forefront," said Yahoo Sports General Manager Geoff Reiss.

When NFL fans think about how they connect with the league, Geoff Reiss wants Yahoo Sports to be one of the first things to come to their minds. Reiss, the general manager of Yahoo Sports, helped oversee a banner year for the company in regards to football. Celebrating the 20th year of Yahoo Fantasy Football, the company added several new features and a new game type, leading to a 6% uptick in new users year-over-year. Yahoo Sports also signed a […]

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From Arizona Dads to Podcast Stars: Meet The Fantasy Footballers

Back in 2014, Andy Holloway and Mike “The Fantasy Hitman” Wright were doing what millions of office-mates do every day: talking about their fantasy football teams and league instead of working.  Only this time they turned on a microphone. “Mike and I actually started a podcast for our league. To make fun of people, talk about trades, talk about things that happened,” recalled Holloway. “That was the spark that began The Fantasy Footballers podcast.” Fast forward five years later and […]

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Training Camps and Conventions Take Fantasy Football to Another Level

An inside look at two of the premier events in the industry. Photos via Ben Gervin through NBC News (left) and the National Fantasy Football Convention (right) You have your fantasy football owners that might grab a magazine or a cheat sheet online right before their draft. Some owners might even (gasp) auto-draft online. Then, there are those that have elaborate spreadsheets built up with a laptop on-hand. There are different levels of preparation that go into the game. Some […]

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