Work From Home Finding A Role In The Sports Business World

  • For over two months, the vast majority of sports industry professionals were forced to work from home, with surprisingly effective results.
  • While some sports execs believe that a return to normalcy is coming, others expect WFH to forever be a part of the industry.

For many people working in sports, long hours and an atypical work schedule were a badge of honor.  It was often emphasized that higher-ups in an organization would notice those who were in the office before 9 a.m. and who stayed long after their peers well into the night after games. That impression would eventually lead to good first impressions and, ultimately, a path towards upward mobility. That way of thinking has been called into question by the coronavirus pandemic. […]

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Sports Slowly Embrace Reddit For Content Creation

  • The Miami Dolphins are the latest sports team to have an official account on Reddit.
  • They join other properties like the Arizona Diamondbacks, Baltimore Ravens, NASCAR, and the NFL in utilizing the platform for content purposes.

With more than 430 million active users each month, Reddit has emerged as one of the most influential websites in the world in terms of driving conversation. The sports industry has quickly taken notice, with leagues and teams trying to figure out ways to reach not only their existing fanbase on the platform, but how to do so in some of the ways unique to Reddit. “It creates a unique opportunity for sports organizations – from teams, to leagues, to […]

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Consensus Hard To Come By Around Student-Athlete NIL Opportunities

  • There is little consensus on what NIL opportunities in action will actually look like given the NCAA’s vague guidelines, or who will see the most success in the space.
  • There is consensus, however, that the rules changes will benefit both student-athletes and the outside companies involved.

When the NCAA’s Board of Governors took another step toward allowing student-athletes to profit off of their name, image and likeness by supporting the allowance of conditional endorsements as well as outside money-making opportunities, it opened the door for a new path for brands and marketing agencies to connect with the college space. How this all plays out is yet to be seen – or decided, as official recommendations will not be made until October – and likely will not […]

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‘College GameDay’ Success Fuels Disney’s Draft Approach on ABC

  • ‘GameDay’ crew bring college football expertise to draft, say coaches Mack Brown, James Franklin and Matt Campbell.
  • Disney leverages broadcast channels and personnel to expand coverage to the widest demographic possible.

Over the last two years, The Walt Disney Company has taken a wall-to-wall coverage approach to the NFL Draft, broadcasting the event across several networks and platforms. But while most of ESPN’s coverage takes the vantage point of the NFL, looking to fulfill hardcore football followers, the inspiration for ABC’s approach comes directly from “College GameDay,” the increasingly popular pregame show. “GameDay’s” broadcast aims to provide an inside-out view of college football, while also speaking to a broader audience than […]

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Virtual Draft and NFL Rules Help Forge Unique Brand Integrations

  • ESM represents Wisconsin running back Jonathan Taylor, Georgia running back D’Andre Swift, and Clemson wide receiver Tee Higgins.
  • The NFL has told draftees to not show non-league partners in the live broadcast shots from their homes.

Entering the 2020 NFL Draft representing the marketing interests of three projected first-round picks, Everett Sports Marketing founder and Director of Football Dan Everett said the agency had big plans for its clients in Las Vegas. But as the draft has gone virtual and players and their representatives have had to adjust to the NFL’s regulations around how non-league sponsors can activate with players, Everett said the agency “had to go back to the drawing board and be more creative.” […]

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Venues Face Hurdles To Get Fans Into Seats When Sports Return

  • From temperature checks to added hand sanitizers, sports venues are weighing their options to ensure fan safety upon the return of live events.
  • As of right now, the Bundesliga and PGA Tour are the only two major sports properties that have announced plans to return to play.

Sports will come back – on television first. But when stadiums are given approval to have fans back in the stands, operators will face obstacles to make sure that everyone is safe.  One of the nation’s leading experts in the coronavirus response, Dr. Anthony Fauci, commented on the return of sports with Snapchat’s Peter Hamby, suggesting Major League Baseball could be back by July 4 with no fans in the stands.  “There’s a way of doing that,” Fauci said. “Nobody […]

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ESPN Invokes The Force of Disney To Market Michael Jordan Doc

  • ESPN asked Lucasfilm colleagues at Disney: How do you market a new ‘Star Wars’ film?
  • Following ‘Star Wars’ blueprint, ESPN teased audiences with the first trailer for ‘The Last Dance’ 18 months before release.

ESPN knew it had a potential megahit on its hands with the Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls-focused documentary “The Last Dance.” So rather than treat it like other sports documentaries, the network wanted to approach the release the same way a Hollywood blockbuster would be rolled out – leading ESPN to huddle with their Walt Disney Co. colleagues at Lucasfilm to see how it could give “The Last Dance” a similar approach as say, the newest “Star Wars” films.  The […]

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Athletes Still Getting Paid Despite Stoppage Clauses and CBA Uncertainty

  • The NBA is the only major professional sports league with force majeure language in its CBA, providing an outline for how salaries will be reduced in the event it is enacted.
  • The NHL and MLB have language in their standard player contracts for salary and season requirements in the event of unforeseeable emergencies. The NFL does not.

Most aspects of professional sports, including player salaries, are riddled with the same elements of uncertainty plaguing the world right now. Professional baseball and basketball players could lose large portions of their salaries if games from this current season are eventually canceled, according to the terms of their collective bargaining agreements. Football players could also be impacted if the fall season doesn’t happen as currently scheduled, as could those who make up the rosters of MLS clubs. “The big question […]

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Super Bowl LIV

Cities on Lockdown Waiting and Hoping for Major Sports Events Windfall

  • Miami saw a vibrant Super Bowl LIV before tourism effectively stopped, while Tampa looks for Super Bowl LV to push the city “forward forever.”
  • With three events in 2021 and 2022, Indianapolis is anticipating a $475 million impact and more than 300,000 visitors.

Major sports events have a way of helping cushion the blow for cities during tough economic times.  While most of the nation is completely shut down during the coronavirus outbreak, Miami’s hospitality industry escaped just in time with its Super Bowl LIV gains intact.  Meanwhile, cities like Tampa and Indianapolis, hosts to Super Bowl LV and the 2021 Final Four, respectively, have beacons of hope in their future.  “Early on, because we know how much [a Super Bowl] can mean […]

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Premier Lacrosse League Turns April Fools Prank Into Profit

  • Merchandise for the PLL’s April Fools team - Beans Lacrosse Club - did $50,000 in sales in its first 24 hours.
  • The fake team’s accounts have almost 10,000 followers on Instagram with several hundred more on Twitter.

April Fools was no joke for the Premier Lacrosse League this year, as the fledgling professional lacrosse league turned a prank into profit. The league, which recently announced an expansion to seven teams heading into its second season, announced the arrival of the PLL’s “eighth” team on April 1st: Beans Lacrosse Club. The PLL packaged the prank team as they would an actual league team: logo, slogan, site launch, merchandise, press release, ‘State of the League’ announcement from co-founder Paul […]

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