How Trifecta is Helping Streamline Fitness and Nutrition for the Modern Day Consumer

The all-organic meal delivery service acquired DMW Design Group, LLC to help continue their growth outside of just meals. Now more than ever, people are making their health and wellness a top priority. Through innovative technological advancements, it is becoming easier and easier. One of the main components that keeps people from focusing on their overall well-being is the time and energy it takes to workout and eat well while balancing everything else in their lives. “We picked a very broad […]

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An Inside Look At How NASCAR Drivers Stay in Top Shape

Their fitness regimens are some of the most intense. It’s important to stay in shape in all walks of life, but especially as an athlete. Dale Earnhardt Jr. (above) recently took up cycling thanks to his Hendrick Motorsports teammate Jimmie Johnson. Image from WHAS. In all walks of life, staying in the best physical shape as possible has incredible benefits. From lifting weights to walking, running, swimming and cycling, the benefits of exercise are endless. As professional athletes, NASCAR drivers must stay […]

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Altitude Training is Changing How Athletes Prepare and Recover

The technique is transforming the way athletes train around the world. (Altitude Training Treadmill, per “Live low, train high.” Altitude training is transforming the way athletes train around the world. While it’s more recently becoming recreational and mainstream, the 1968 Olympics sparked this movement towards low oxygen training. Mexico City sits at 7,382 feet above sea level, which resulted in numerous performance anomalies during and after the Olympics, thus, peeking the interest of many around the world. The research boiled down […]

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