Going From Picks To Kicks, Kam Chancellor Now Focusing On Fashion

Like many kids growing up, Kam Chancellor wished that he could wear what he wanted. From shoes to clothes, he couldn’t afford to buy the best that each had to offer. Since he retired from the NFL in 2018, Chancellor has made it a point to let others live a life he could only dream of as a child. In collaboration with his wife and business partner Tiffany, he recently unveiled the Chancellor Collection shoe line. Created in partnership with […]

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NFLPA Player Camps Continue To Grow

(The NFLPA is a proud partner of Front Office Sports) A shared interest and priority for most professional athletes is giving back to their community and to the world of youth sports. The NFL Players Association makes this a priority as well.  In 2019, the NFLPA assisted 208 different NFL players in the planning and execution of day camps that served over 61,000 kids across three different countries. Because of this, notable players like Malcolm Jenkins, Lamar Jackson, Kirk Cousins, […]

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Exclusive: NFL Planning Business Partnership With Jay-Z’s Roc Nation

The NFL is poised to announce a sweeping business partnership with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, sources tell Front Office Sports. The deal will give Jay-Z a prominent role in the league’s social justice initiative with players as well as creative input into the league’s Super Bowl halftime shows. “The deal effectively positions Jay-Z—who once rapped I said no to the Super Bowl, you need me, I don’t need you’ —as the face of the NFL’s social justice program, Inspire Change, which […]

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UAB Emphasizing Fan Experience To Keep Football Alive

It’s difficult to envision an American university closing the doors on its football program. For Mark Ingram, that impossibility became reality when he was named director of athletics at The University of Alabama at Birmingham in May 2015. With UAB suspending its football operations during the 2015 and 2016 seasons due to financial mismanagement, Ingram had to strategize how to bring the sport back to one of college football’s best TV markets – Birmingham, Ala. Fast-forward to 2019, and the […]

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CFB Community Divided On How To Solve Attendance Woes

With baseball – both MiLB and MLB – adopting new ways to drive fan engagement at the ballpark, college football is aiming to solve this same problem. One season removed from the sport’s worst attendance record since 1996, college football is divided on how to address this issue. At Big Ten media day on July 19, Northwestern football coach Pat Fitzgerald argued that cellphones are making spectators disinterested with the in-game experience. Even if they do attend, Fitzgerald claims their […]

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The Real Cost of College Football Recruiting

*This piece first appeared in the Front Office Sports Newsletter. Subscribe today and get the news before anyone else. Ever wonder what it costs to actually land a top recruiting class? Thanks to Andy Wittry of Stadium, the picture is at least a little bit clearer.  How much do schools spend? Due to the fact that some institutions are private and others don’t have to report expenses thanks to state record laws, here’s a look at the 5 schools who spent the most […]

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American Flag Football League: Revolutionary or Momentary?

Jeff Lewis found the inspiration to launch the American Flag Football League in an unlikely place – on a field on Randall’s Island in New York City watching his son’s then-third grade flag football team. “It put the question into my head, which is essentially: if third graders make this game so exciting, what would it look like played by the greatest athletes in the world,” said Lewis. That came to life through the creation of the American Flag Football […]

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Are NFL Jersey Ads Next?

*This piece first appeared in the Front Office Sports Newsletter. Subscribe today and get the news before anyone else. Jersey ads aren’t an unfamiliar sight at NFL practices. Brands like Lecom and Hyundai are visible on the practice jerseys of the Browns and Cardinals respectively. The one place jersey ads haven’t shown up is in regular season games.  Could that be changing anytime soon? Speaking with SI, an NFL spokesman said, “Never say never, but there are no current plans to pursue or […]

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Could College Athletes be Compensated for Likeness?

*This piece first appeared in the Front Office Sports Newsletter. Subscribe today and get the news before anyone else. NCAA Football might be coming back to gaming consoles sooner rather than later. Thanks to an announcement from the NCAA, the governing body is looking into ways it can modify its rules to allow college athletes to be compensated for their names, images and likenesses. What do you need to know?  1. Big East Commissioner Val Ackerman and Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith will head […]

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