FC Bayern Munich: Leading the Way in Sports Innovation

The team has had a massive year off the pitch and are looking to carry the momentum over to 2018. Photo via @FCBayernMunich As the worlds of sport and technology continue to merge, teams either need to adapt or risk falling behind. FC Bayern Munich understands that and has been leading the way in integrating technology into its strategy both on and off the field. Its proactive approach to innovation this past year has resulted in its nomination as one of […]

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Hey, U.S. Soccer: It’s Time to Trim Your Branches

A fresh perspective is needed to take the next step. It’s nowhere but up from here for the national team. (Photo via USA Today) By Francisco Terreros, @fterreros As a child, while visiting my grandfather, I was taught a valuable lesson. In his garden, he had an avocado tree, which he had been growing for quite some time. Unfortunately, the tree was dying, so he began cutting large branches off. I quickly questioned his decision. “I thought you loved this tree? Why […]

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How AT&T and Indi Cowie Have Created a Mutually Beneficial Partnership

This is a great example of how influencers and sponsors can work together in harmony. Influencer marketing, as a medium, has grown with the popularity of social platforms like Instagram. And, as I wrote in this piece here, sponsorship as a whole has evolved into a mutually beneficial relationship between the two parties, rather than a pure funding opportunity. One brand who has executed this to perfection is AT&T, via their recent partnership with Indi Cowie. AT&T’s Role AT&T made soccer […]

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Opinion: An Open Letter to MLS

Do the right thing. Image taken from Dear Major League Soccer and Don Garber, Over the last couple of days, I’ve thought about the news of the potential move of the Columbus franchise to Austin, Texas. Notice that I called it the Columbus franchise… Let me explain why I did so. In American sports, we have created this false sense of commitment to towns and fan bases. If MLS truly cared about the Columbus Crew, this move wouldn’t even be […]

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How Do We Fix U.S. Soccer?

After a not qualifying for the World Cup, something must be changed. A tough exit for the U.S. Soccer team. (Image via @ussoccer) By Francisco Terreros, @fterreros I remember as if it were yesterday; I had just graduated high school and had committed to play college soccer at a small college in Utah. During the summer before Fall semester began, and in preparation for the Korea/Japan 2002 World Cup, my best friends and I transformed my parents garage into what we […]

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The Tiered English Football System: What You Need to Know

Promotion? Relegation? What do you mean there are no playoffs!??! Photo via As soccer slowly, but surely, establishes its position in the American sports conversation, something needs to be addressed. This is not geared towards the astute European football aficionado, this is for the casual fan, the by-passer. This is for the Xbox player who can’t quite make out the reason for that second section on the FIFA team selection icon. Why is there more than one option? Is […]

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