Why Players Associations Are Joining Hands Around Sports Gambling

  One of the hottest topics in sports business rests in the hands of the nine Supreme Court justices. As we await a decision in the Christie v. NCAA case, a case that aims to invalidate the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection (PASPA) Act, which bans states from authorizing or licensing sports betting, we have seen state legislators begin to put legislation in place as well as leagues seeking to acquire “integrity fees” as part of this legislation. The […]

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WinView and the Illustrious Career of Tom Rogers

The former CNBC founder is now trying his hand at a gaming app for live sports. Tom Rogers (Image via WinView) Before TiVo, there was CNBC. Behind both was Tom Rogers. Now growing a new company, WinView, where he sits as Executive Chairman, he is on a path to continue innovating within the media landscape. Act 1: CNBC People don’t think of CNBC as innovative anymore, but when cable TV was starting to emerge following the 1984 Cable Act (which Rogers was involved […]

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