Fundamentals: Minor League Baseball CMO David Wright

  • David Wright — Chief Marketing Officer for Minor League Baseball — joins Fundamentals on Tuesday, May 26th.
  • The episode will begin at 12pm ET on Tuesday, streamed live on this page.

Welcome to the latest episode of Fundamentals with Ian Thomas, a Front Office Sports interview show featuring leading operators and voices of the sports industry. On Tuesday, we were joined by David Wright, the Chief Marketing Officer of Minor League Baseball, to discuss the organization’s approach throughout the shutdown of live baseball, along with some insight on what the “new” fan experience may look like for MiLB clubs.

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MLB Fighting Two Battles

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  • MLB team owners face an uphill battle in suggesting to split revenue with players as they look to start the season in July.

As talk of starting the season heats up, Major League Baseball is keeping tabs on two different discussions. The league is working with the MLBPA on plans to start in July, but they hinge on team owners’ proposal of a 50/50 revenue split, the Wall Street Journal reported. Players worry that could set a precedent that ultimately leads to a salary cap. MLB is the only big-four league that doesn’t tie salaries to team revenue. Owners say profit sharing will […]

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Akron RubberDucks Use Unusual Content Approach During Unusual Season

  • While some pro sports teams are playing it safe on social media, MiLB’s Akron RubberDucks are doing anything but that.
  • An emphasis on funny, irreverent content helped the RubberDucks grow their weekly Twitter impressions in March by 170%.

In 2020, there have been few social media sensations like the Netflix series Tiger King and its lead character, Joe Exotic. He has inspired countless memes and tweets – including one from the Akron RubberDucks, the Double-A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians.  While other Minor League Baseball teams are opting to play it safe on social media right now, the RubberDucks and their Family Guy memes and Dodgeball references show that they want to stand out from the rest. “We […]

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Minor League Baseball Teams Keeping It Local With Content

  • Even without games to lean on, Minor League Baseball and its teams are using social media to engage with their local communities.
  • Teams like the Durham Bulls, Lansing LugNuts, and Lehigh Valley IronPigs are just some that are using social media to connect with local businesses and fans.

With no word on when professional baseball will be starting in the United States, Minor League Baseball and its 160 teams are turning to social media to engage with their numerous communities. Even without the live-game action, MiLB has seen its social media following grow significantly in recent weeks. On Facebook and Instagram, video views are up nearly 8000% and 700%, respectively, with a more-than 150% increase in interactions across those platforms. What has driven the uptick in MiLB’s social […]

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Nashville’s Left Field Restaurant Aims to Draw Fans Year-Round

  • The 7,000-square-foot restaurant is part of a growing neighborhood next to First Horizon Park.
  • Entertainment districts now a crucial piece of stadium developments to keep venues attractive all year.

This season, baseball fans of the Nashville Sounds will be able to enjoy a meal overlooking left field at the team’s new restaurant, Third and Home.  The hope is they stay through the off-season too, as the restaurant is in a $50 million development next to the ballpark and will be open year-round. It’s one of the latest examples of baseball teams working to make their stadiums a destination whether the team is in action or not. “It’s been in […]

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StellarAlgo CEO Vince Ircandia Talks Utilizing Fan Data

  • Understanding the audience can help lead to more loyal fans
  • Teams can have all the demographic info in the world, but they have to know what to do with it

(StellarAlgo is a proud partner of Front Office Sports) Teams at every level of sports want to build fan loyalty. They do this by making fans feel that they matter with a personalized approach to both sales and service. These things cannot be properly developed, however, without the right approach and tools for collecting and analyzing fan date. StellarAlgo CEO Vince Ircandia dropped by the Front Office Sports HQ to chat with Adam White about fan data and how pro […]

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Story Of Community Brings MiLB, Octagon Together In Content Partnership

  • As it tries to grow its relationship with fans, Minor League Baseball has partnered with Octagon to develop a long-term content, media and distribution strategy.
  • The MiLB-Octagon partnership comes on the heels of Major League Baseball's recent proposal to cut parent-club ties with 42 MiLB teams by 2021.

While many critics have claimed the sport of baseball is on the decline, the local popularity of Minor League Baseball teams has soared as a deeper emphasis has been placed on engaging that loyal fanbase through community-focused content and messaging. “What Minor League Baseball has stood for over time and where they’ve made great gains in recent years, it’s been able to hone in on this idea that the MiLB story is a story of community,” said Brad Horn, professor […]

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Minor League Baseball Bringing More Women To Winter Meetings

  • Since 2017, Minor League Baseball has welcomed women to Winter Meetings through its Women in Baseball Leadership Event Scholarship opportunity.
  • In two years, nearly 200 women have applied for a handful of scholarship slots for the Winter Meetings.

Since 2008, Minor League Baseball has hosted the annual Women in Baseball Leadership Event in December during the league’s Winter Baseball Meetings. Throughout the years though, the event proved to be a significant cost barrier for many league officials, particularly women. To assist female baseball executives who may not otherwise have the opportunity to attend the Baseball Winter Meetings, the Women in Baseball Leadership Committee launched the inaugural Women in Baseball Leadership Event Scholarship in 2017. “After the first year, […]

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TikTok’s Ripple Effect Reaching Leagues Of All Sizes

  • Leagues like the NBA and NFL aren't the only others finding success on TikTok.
  • On TikTok, two of the five most-followed North American sports leagues are non-Big Four: UFC (674.3K) and The World Surf League (611.4K).

While the popularity of sports leagues like the NBA and NFL on TikTok is perhaps expected, properties and leagues of all sizes are finding success on the platform. For UFC, the early 2000s provided more challenges than successes for connecting with its audience, said Dave Shaw, its senior vice president of international and content. Since then, it has made social media a larger part of its marketing strategy and has used it to reach its fanbase in a quick, authentic […]

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How Seven-Foot Tall Bobbleheads Are Grabbing Bears Fans Attention

  • During the 2019-2020 season, the Chicago Bears created 10 seven-foot-tall bobbleheads to place around the city of Chicago.
  • The bobbleheads were apart of a bobblehead series that also saw the Bears give away miniature-sized ones at both their preseason and regular-season home contests.

To honor its 100th season, the Chicago Bears decided to think big in regards to how it would celebrate with its fans – literally. Across the city of Chicago, the Bears have placed larger-than-life bobbleheads of 13 prominent players from every decade. Made of high-density foam, each of the seven-foot-tall bobbleheads weighs between 150 and 200 pounds. In addition to this, there are 10 miniature-sized bobbleheads that will also be used as giveaways for the first 20,000 fans in attendance […]

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