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LaLiga Keeping U.S. Media Rights With beIN Sports Through 2024

LaLiga is on the verge of renewing its U.S. media rights deal with beIN Sports that would keep the Spanish league on the broadcaster’s English and Spanish channels through the 2024 season, according to industry sources. LaLiga is currently in the last year of its existing deal with beIN, a partnership that dates back to 2012 and that was renewed in 2015. While the Spanish league boasts arguably the two most popular soccer clubs in the world in Barcelona and […]

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NBC Sports Plots Plan To Deepen Premier League Reach In U.S.

As NBC Sports prepares to broadcast the Premier League for the seventh consecutive season, coordinating producer Pierre Moossa says the focus for this year is quite simple. “Everything is about increasing the reach of the Premier League across all of our platforms,” said Moossa. “Looking back at last season, we want to build on the success of trying to be anywhere that fans are consuming the Premier League, whether that’s on television, on YouTube, via a podcast or even live […]

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Budweiser Taps Premier League, LaLiga For New Deals

The King of Beers’ next move is to become the King of Soccer. Budweiser has long been one of the most prominent brands in sports sponsorship, with deals with leagues like the NBA, the NFL and MLB to team-level deals across the entire industry. It even recently tried to trademark phrases related to esports, like “the official beer of gaming.” Now, the beer brand has signed multi-year deals with both the English Premier League and LaLiga, as Budweiser sees the […]

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Everton Seeks New Digital Audiences With Angry Birds Sleeve Sponsorship

An interesting partnership with a unique goal. Via Angry Birds YouTube Video As English Premier League teams begin selling sleeve sponsorships, there are two clear standouts at this point. First, Tinder became the official sleeve sponsor of EPL giants Manchester United. Now, the Angry Birds logo will appear on the Everton jersey sleeve as they signed a deal earlier this year with games giant Rovio Entertainment. For those who don’t know what Angry Birds is, it is a mobile game in which […]

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The Tiered English Football System: What You Need to Know

Promotion? Relegation? What do you mean there are no playoffs!??! Photo via As soccer slowly, but surely, establishes its position in the American sports conversation, something needs to be addressed. This is not geared towards the astute European football aficionado, this is for the casual fan, the by-passer. This is for the Xbox player who can’t quite make out the reason for that second section on the FIFA team selection icon. Why is there more than one option? Is […]

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A Changing Landscape: Soccer Broadcast in the Digital Age

Is this the right fix or do questions remain? Photo via @SkySports The way in which we consume sports content is changing. This is evident in the plague of layoffs across the sports journalism world, a response to a growing preference for video over written content, and in the increase of online content consumption through platforms like Facebook and Twitter. On Tuesday, NBC responded to that shift. The network announced the launch of the Premier League Pass, a direct-to-consumer live […]

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Twenty’s Plenty: Virgin Media’s Latest Fan-Centric Activation

Virgin Mobile listened to the needs of football fans to reduce the cost of attending an away game and capitalized on it. Virgin Media’s new fan-focused Twenty’s Plenty initiative (via Virgin Media) Virgin Media is putting fans first in its new Twenty’s Plenty initiative. The campaign, which started April 15 and runs through April 23, subsidizes the cost of away tickets for English Premier League fans to ensure that they are paying no more than €20 to attend a match. “This is […]

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